Weekly Agenda


Since no big events happened this week on campus, I will share with you a normal week of my life at LCC, which would have been the way to start; however, the launch of the blog caught me at a very busy time of the year.

I used to wake up at 8:30 for the usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday class of 9:45. Now, 9:00 works just fine. Brush teeth, wash face, take the first thing from the wardrobe and ready to go. I have Rhetoric and Communication with Sanna Karosas, which is a fairly easy morning class. Some could see it as a good time to make up for their missed sleeping hours, but forget about that as long as Sanna will still be teaching this course. Her acting skills, priceless face-expressions, good jokes and energy are the perfect way to start the day.

10416574_369362549898197_8503481502107311766_nLater, internship hours start. I stop by the reception, take key number 20 and run to my office. I am currently working for the President’s Cabinet as the recipient of a scholarship that covers full tuition. I am assigned different jobs that the department is responsible for, but I may tell you about what I exactly do in another entry.

I have a quick meal at the cafeteria and then I run for Lithuanian class, which is another favorite of mine. Radvyda (the instructor) delivers such a positive energy through her lecturing and exercises. For some reason, we are always laughing in this class. She is an adorable person whom a lot of students love, even though she gives weekly “testukas”.

During these days, I am finished with classes around 3:00. That’s when most of the dynamism starts; this week especially was crazy. As member of the Student Council, I have to take care of the organizing of Talent Night – happening next Friday – and as part of the Albanian community, I will celebrate Albanian Independence day – next Wednesday.

10393727_372357556265363_8253688864872748858_nIf we usually have StuCo meetings only on Tuesday and Thursday, this week we met every single day. Auditions for the male host and for the participants, preparations for the decorations and the stage, search for sponsors and script writing committed my afternoons to StuCo office. On Friday, we had a video shooting, which was a 4-hour job but turned out to be quite entertaining. However, I cannot share any more information until Talent Night is over. Stay tuned for the next week’s blog.

And then, the thing that I love getting tired about: Albanian Independence day preparations. I am extremely enthusiastic about having this opportunity to present my country to LCC. We have some very interesting traditions and historical facts that people need to know. Please join us on the 26 of November for more details.

1544406_372357489598703_4232745429973525471_nTuesday and Thursday are the days that tolerate my sleeping until 10. My classes beggin at 1:00, but I have to finish internship hours and stuco office hours first. Quantitative Reasoning and Literature are next on the agenda. They present their own challenge, but still… can you imagine what am I going to say? I love them too! Dymitri, the math teacher, likes to connect a lot with his students. He has learned some Albanian words and never misses a chance to bring them up. And well, literature is literature. Did you know that reading reduces stress better than listening to music and eating? And that’s exactly how I like to end my day; with a cup of tea, my personal light on, and a good book.

It feels so home-like here! At least, till the alarm decides I have already consumed my sleep hours.

A big week awaits for me. See ya next time fellas,



Your Albanian Acquaintance in LCC


Hello, Republic! Nik here. Today I’m going to teach you how to cook with napalm! (Absolutely not!)unnamed

One of my co-bloggers, Veriko, has recently revealed to me that there is such a thing as campus fashion. I feel compelled to weigh in on the subject of fashion, since I have absolutely no competence to be talking about it. Logic. Yay.

Few things about me when it comes to clothes:

I’m a man of simple taste. I like black, with pockets, spacious, abrasion-and-weather-resistant. In other words: work wear. I have no desire to baby a pair of white trousers, fretting about them staining. Let Kanye do that.

I hate shopping. Its a chore for me, to go into a store and browse the hideously overpriced selection of things that are not black. Trying to convince myself that I want or need them. I don’t. I’d much rather purchase everything I need on the Internet.

I wouldn’t know a fashionable item if it hit me in the face with a Versace spanner.

Marketing people would have us believe that clothes are a medium of self-expression. Perhaps… The way I see it, fashion is a visual language, and some are quite eloquent and use it to skilfully convey a mood, an attitude towards life, an allegiance to a sub-culture. But not everyone speaks that language. I envy people who can purposefully communicate that way. The only thing I can purposefully communicate through clothing is that I own pants.

And what I’ve noticed is that there is a great degree of difference in the way people shop, depending on whether they speak fashion.

When I do go shopping, my process is painfully simple: I think of what I need to buy, in what quantity and for what purpose. Then identify a place that sells it. On location, browse the aisles and pick something that looks fairly decent. Begin analysis: Does it fit me? Does it fit my budget? Does it have pockets? Is it black? (If I’m feeling particularly festive that morning – dark grey). If all of the above are a “yes”, splash some money at the cashier and expeditiously exit the premises.

That pretty much settles the matter.
Fashionable people can seldom follow this method and this goes especially for women. Because men go into a store to buy a thing; women go into a store to buy the thing. Men in general just buy stuff to wear; women make strategic additions to their wardrobe. A woman’s wardrobe is a carefully selected collection of rare exhibits that co-exist in perfect harmony, the fragile balance of which must be maintained with mathematical precision. Wizardry is what that is.

But lets get back to campus. Winter is coming and with it – exams. Many people are polishing up their final projects, trying to raise their GPA and contemplating important questions like “Why God, why? Why me?” and “I wonder if I can still eat this?” So set your priorities straight and realize that the only person that really cares is you. Take care of yourself, invest in comfort (wear UGGs if you wish to summon the wrath of Veriko), and think of other people’s opinions only if you really have the time for it. High heels don’t help balance the accounts.

Stay safe, Republic. May the pizza be with you.

Campus Fashion (AKA I got you, Nik)

I have not written10585211_694608280606703_1071731504_n a post about style/fashion for a while, but my fellow blogger Nik got me into this trouble. Along with that, it is winter already. At least the snow outside makes me feel like it. The other day my friend grabbed my phone and started scrolling Facebook, but soon he got bored because apparently “every second post was something somehow connected to fashion”. I found that amusing.  

Anyways, let’s talk about College fashion. First of all, yes, there is some fashion in College and second, no, I do not mean Yoga pants and North Face sweatshirts (Girls, please stop wearing them). But there is a way you can pimp up your “I just got our of bed” look without looking like you actually got out of bed 5 minutes ago. If you feel like wearing something comfortable, put on leggings and tennis shoes, finish up your look with a baggy sweater and a cool backpack. See? easy. large (2)

If you are anything like me and try to look nice even when going to the war, you might think that college is a fashion disaster, but it’s not. I mean yes, you can not put a 5 pound textbook in a cute clutch you got at Zara, but you can get a bagpack! (Plus, bagpacks are a trend of the season). Yes, I
got to leave all my cute bags in Tbilisi, it’s all cool. Who the heck carries clutches to class anyways?! (Well, I still got to bring my space hooker silver bag here, which is good. The name comes Jenna Marbles’s silver hair, not from my life decisions you guys).

As for the shoes, as I said, tennis shoes are your new friends and maybe army boots too. (I am guilty for purchasing a pair of army boots and wearing them since then and ever after). If you want to wear something heel-y, there are heavy armor boots, which look quite awesome, but provide support on thick heels. And no matter how cold it is, please no UGGs. I know it is super cold already, but just no.large (1)

Now I am getting to “What not to wear to lecture” part. There is a scale from looking ridiculously bad to looking ridiculously good. Try to stay somewhere middle, stay casual. I don’t want to see you looking like crap at 8:30am lecture, but I would also think you are crazy if you come in class with high heel pumps and a Birkin bag, in that sexy little black dress.

Okay now I will get back to my work. I have one hour left till my assignment is due and I am just sitting here appreciating my neighbor’s awesome garden…

P.S. This is just a joke guys. Don’t think that I’m an arrogant a..rt-hole. And one more thing: if you study in my University and see me wearing sweatpants and shirt after classes, don’t judge me, I am a human also.



Why can’t GLS happen more than once a year?


Hello amazing high school seniors who are considering LCC university in the future,

This is a sneak peek of my weekly activities here in campus. I will try to be your most sincere guidance into the world you are about to enter.

This Friday and Saturday LCC hosted the Global Leadership Summit at Michaelson Center. The GLS is an annual conference where Christian leaders come together to share their success stories, most of which are based on strong religious beliefs. Their purpose is to define leadership and inspire young rising leaders across the world to stand up for what they believe and to initiate a change in this world. Even though it was a 13 hours training and the speeches were no shorter than 30 minutes, I did not get bored for a single second that I was in that room. It is one of those events that after finishing, leaves you with a sense of “This is Sparta! Let’s go change the world right now.”

10606158_368798163287969_2652387172225542082_n80 LCC people, both students and staff, had their place among hundreds of other participants, chiefly from the business world. As LCC student leaders ( including FYS mentors, Resident Assistants, Leadership Program Team and  Student Council) we even had our own round tables which gave us a different level of importance. After the speeches we heard, table discussion followed which turned out to be very efficient. We talked about how the divisions could help each other and offered constructive criticism about each of them. However, in case the discussion switched to “too serious for our taste” we started to joke around.

One of the most overwhelming moments of the conference that totally caught me by surprise was when Bill Hybels, the founder and host of GLS, said “One of the most challenging parts of my job is to work with church in difficult regions of the world such as.. tara-tata.. Albania.” My heart skipped a bit. Imagine hearing about your country in a room full of Lithuanians, hundreds of kilometers away from your home. I wanted to stand up and say “That’s my place ladies and gentlemen!” A short clip with the brief summary of Albanian history followed up and then a church pastor started orating in Albanian. It could be because of my patriotism, but that little episode definitely gave me goosebumps. #feeling special

I was personally inspired a lot by this conference. If you happen to be around next year, don’t miss the Global Leadership Summit. I would be thrilled to have you in my table.

10500247_369754279859024_8581231730954771709_nIn the rubric of “Leave you with something to ponder about”, this week I want to share with you a quote from one of the speeches “We are given two dashes in our lives, the birth and the death date. It is totally up to us to use the space between the two! I wish all of us could do something that makes our name be remembered even after the second dash is put.” Embrace your Grander Vision and be the change you wish to see in this world.



Your Albanian Acquaintance in LCC

Mydiary: A day in student’s life

10585211_694608280606703_1071731504_nWelcome to my life again you creepy dudes… Today I will be describing a day in my life, because I am sure you all want to know what I do daily. Well, to be real here, I think I will be doing this to help out soon-to-be-freshman people out there in the world, who are wondering what will change in their life after they graduate high school (and go to college, eventually). I randomly chose to describe Tuesday, cuz this is how I roll. So, let’s just start doing this already. 

07:15 – Rise and shine beautiful! Just kidding… I am not excited about this, not at all. If I get up now, I will manage to look way better than I would if I got up later. But the chances that the weather will improve in the next 15 minutes are pretty high. Okay, I will try to sleep for 15 more minutes and then I’m up..

07:30 – Nope, the weather improvement strategy did not work. It is still rainy and cold outside, and my bed is literally the best thing that has ever been invented in the cloudy world of rainbows and unicorns. Ugh! Why do I have to do this? What if I skip the class? Well, that would take away 5% of my grade. Okay, I am getting up! I can do this… My roommate is sleeping. Should I wake her up? I shall. (he he he).

8:00 – I take way too long to brush my teeimages (1)th. Because I do many things at the same time, such as making coffee, choosing what to wear, saving the world, etc. I still need to dry my hair tho… I never eat in the morning, so the only thing I worry about is if I put the decent amount of coffee in my thermo cup or not. Should I wear boots tho? Or my pointy-toe white brogues? It’s raining, boots it is.

8:30 – I am mostly set. The Psychology lecture just started and I am trying to survive the fist half an hour of it, because I am mostly awake the other one hour. The coffee is the pure bliss right now.

9:30 – God kill me.

10:10 – I survived Psych. I love that subject…The professor is amazing and I get to learn all that cool new information how humans do human stuff. I guess the rainy days don’t go well with 8:30 classes. Anyways, I have another class starting in 5 minutes. Yet I am hanging out with my buddies in the yard. Good thing about Klaipeda – you get so much fresh air it is amazing! And good thing about LCC – the campus is designed so that you can actually enjoy this fresh air and beautiful resting areas outside of the buildings.

11:45 – Now that I have survived Literature also, I guess I am fine for the day. Professor asked a question about male/female roles, which was followed by my “speech” about how wrong it is to object someone according to their sex… you know, being myself more likely. I am going to grab some brunch now. Cereal? Naah too late… Better have some steamed broccoli with melted cheese on top. Yummyness. (It actually tastes good, don’t think I’m gross).

15:00 – Apparentl10438139_10202900154124742_1067611731381747456_ny I have been sleeping for about hour and a half. Well, that was needed, considering the fact that I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before. Just gonna make myself some coffee now and start browsing Tumblr and Instagram. Facebook is kind of getting weird lately. Because you people are getting too crazy about certain stuff. Please stop being weird.

16:45 – Anatomy lectures can actually be interesting. Mr. Norman, thank you for making them awesome. Because sometimes I start sketching on my leg…That has never happened in Anatomy class for sure. I’m out in one and a half hour and then I can do whatever. Aka study. And then study some more, because it is mid-terms week.

20:00 – I am mostly done with studies..So I will might as well workout.

21:00 – How can she talk and work out at the same time? I mean, if I am doing ab workout it is fine that I can’t talk, right? Where do you get all that energy from, woman?! Alright, I am out for shower now… And then whatever. Most likely will continue reading my assignment and then scroll Instagram till 1:00 am. Now, get out of my life, you’ve had enough.

Love you baby unicorns!


Mama Unicorn.

Campus Life

Hello, Republic! I’m Nik, your local demolitions expert (not really). I hope life is 10439579_10203055394685659_17d39955057_nglorious upon the hallowed grounds of our proud campus!

I know all of that sounds quite grandiose and pretentious, but it does pertain to the point I want to make about campus life.

I live off campus, about a 20 minute bus ride away. Initially, I was glad to not have to live on campus. Not because I thought that campus life would be terrible, but because home life is just so comfortable. I live with my grandmother, so I’m totally cared for and catered to, spoiled to the bone. Why would I want to complicate my life with laundry and cooking and washing the dishes and talking to people in the morning? I’m not a morning person. In fact, I’m not a person in the morning, I’m a walking explosive device waiting for someone to detonate me by asking a question, which is a really dumb way to die. So, at first, I considered myself lucky to be on the outside of all of that nonsense.

However, I’m slowly beginning to realize that I might be missing out on something. That its these little challenges of life that actually help bring people together. When visiting the resident’s halls, I picked up on the sense of comradery that permeates the place. While its naive to assume that everyone gets along perfectly with everyone else, all residents seem to understand that they’re all in the same boat. Its quite apt to call people here “the student body”, because it feels to me like a singular organism; a self-regulating ecosystem limited to a singular area and bound by a singular purpose. I got the sense that people here live by their own unwritten code.

10806958_10205308024325866_1308628258_n   10807838_10205308024285865_84445399_n

Outside definitions of success and status completely lose relevance once the card-key is swiped at the entrance.

Money is not really the currency here. Because money is something students only hear about in stories they’re told about life after graduation. An elusive substance that is made by magical bank pixies and guarded by white-collar dragons. Students who claim to have seen cash are considered crazy.

There are certain other commodities that are highly valued aboard HMS Republic, such as food, coffee, cigarettes and quality lecture notes. The first three will allow you to cement friendships, the last one will let you divide and conquer.

Status here does not depend on the possession of material things (bar the aforementioned commodities). People walk around wearing bath robes, seeking caffeination the way zombies seek the living. No-one gives a f…fluffy duckling about what you own. You will be judged on the basis of how easy you are to live with and what you bring to the table. Flash the latest iPhone and no one will blink an eye. Make a decent omelette, and your name will be the stuff of legends.

All in all, I’ve come to the conclusion that I wouldn’t mind being part of this ecosystem. That it would somehow be more fun than the blissful comfort I enjoy at present, provided people keep a safe distance away from me until at least 8am. I might serve my next academic term among the crew of HMS Republic. Or perhaps I should get a car?

Stay safe, Republic! Talk to you Later.


Hello guys. I am Ivan from Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. I’m 17.4a

Now I am a freshman who lives in Klaipėda and this is the blog about it. Here we go.


I was done with my midterms. Fall break was almost here. Most of folks went home but I stayed here, on campus. Why? Well, for me it’s expensive to reach my home city, Bila Tserkva – about 80 EUR. And the roundtrip there lasts 1.5 days out of overall nine days of break I had. I decided to stay on campus this time and travel to home on winter break which lasts three weeks.  So, my lovely roommates cleaned up our crib (which looked quite good even before cleaning). It was a time for farewell, German guy Lukas said: “You can use a whole room”, Tadas just said “Davaj” before leaving; Jake told that he goes to Russia together with other study abroad students from United States (here at LCC we have plenty of those); finally, cool dude Jokūbas suggested me to make a party with mergos in the room. Wise words though.

The Break Itself

Finally, the room became empty. This is so exciting – I have plenty of time to relax from everything I have experienced during those insane two months. Since I’m an introvert, silence and emptiness made such a good mood for me.

Most of the time I was sleeping. I was also cooking masterpiece meals, walking, and just enjoying my life. I was listening to music on my loud headphones.



Moreover, I attended some really cool events at Neumann dorm.

On Saturday, the very first day, I once walkedthrough empty windy streets of Klaipėda. Suddenly, one Ukrainian girl Alisiia from W202 pm’d me asking: “Are you free today at 8:30?”. “Sure”, I said. She answered: “Cool, we gonna play Mafia at lobby. Do you know anybody to invite?


…and Alisiia’s sneakers!

Until 8:30 we managed to tear out to our event about 10 people. I really enjoyed awesome tea with cookies and sweets, the game was exciting as well! Our little Ukrainian community together with two girls who come from Moldova and Kyrgyzstan had really great fun, lots of laughs, and delicious coffee with cream supplied by Alisiia.

On Monday here was a movie night, I watched first ten minutes and went sleep to my room.


Yet another day I slept enough. At 16:00 there was a game night at our Community Life Director Alisha’s apartment in town but I didn’t want to go there that much.

This is how we cook

This is how we cook

At 15:45 I was cooking my next beautiful meal when my Albanian pal Elvisi came to the kitchen noticing awesome smell he felt. He told that there is a meeting regarding volunteering on Open Doors Day at 16:00 at the first floor. I thought “Yes, I should go there!” At the meeting we divided our duties, and I was expected to meet and guide our guests (prospective students from Lithuania and Latvia) next day.

I will tell more about this in my next most, so let me move on.

On Wednesday we played live Mafia and it was good but there were too many people (40!)

Next day at about 21:00 cool Latvian RA Jānis came to my room to bring cards for one more Live Mafia. He also noticed my Dynamo Kyiv fan scarf, and remembered Latvian ex-player of this team, Māris Verpakovskis. Such a pleasure.

The game with only twelve people was much better, walking with friends through empty dorm with this horrifying music expecting not to be ‘killed’ was great fun.

Friday: Halloween; horror movie night. Delicious pop-corn, great film as well – I loved it!

2014-10-31 16.33.38

Counter Strike is back as well


Ukrainian friends Yurii and Maksym decided to play last time this break. Seven people were here. The game is simple: you write a word on sticky paper and put it on the forehead of somebody, someone does the same, and everybody is trying to guess what is written on their own paper. Chilling.

Finally, my roommates are back. Love them.



Shevchenko in my room

Wish you peace and love,

Ivan from Bila Tserkva.

Time Management

 It is not an ordinary race when I come after my time-when I run the race to catch up with time, to submit my assignments, do my homework, and still find adequate time to hit the hay. As a freshmen, time management has proven to be quite a BIG DEAL! 

Like a ship struggling through fog I fought to open my eyes one cold and dreary unnamedmorning. My alarm turned out to be a foe this day. I was frustrated so I hit him pretty hard and left him almost knocking at death’s door. I was feeling tired before I even started the day. This happened frequently for what seemed to be three weeks or so. All this fatigue originated from the four letter-word “T-I-M-E.” I have found the adage that says time is money to be veritable. If today is Thursday 23 November 2014, that is the only Thursday 23 November 2014 that has and will ever exist. There will never exist another day like this. There will never be a Thursday 23 October 2014 again in all the centuries that lie ahead. There may be a Thursday 23 October 2015, 2016, 2017…, but never 2014 again. Therefore how we spend time is important.

Sometimes I feel so tired as if I had been working so hard all day, but it is rather shocking to come to think of it that I had just three classes in that particular day. I often complain that I just have a lot of work to do and that I am ever busy. I finish all my classes at 2:15 p.m. and I have the rest of the afternoon at loose ends. But what makes me feel tired, what keeps me busy? Certainly it is not that I have so much to do or that I am working really hard each and every day, but that it is time spent in vain. I am not very organized, that is the answer I gave myself. I am honest with myself. I am somehow a busybody. I seem to be busy all the time yet I do not benefit much from my busyness because my daily achievements sometimes do not match with the pain that I feel even in my sweet dreams. This was a battle that needed me to fight so hard in order to keep on floating above the studies. If I give up then it becomes obvious that I will drown and lose track of my time and fail to catch up with my lectures and homework. I was more focused on my studies to an extent of having no time for even the social life that comes together with college life. After my first class I felt like I had been in another class before my first class. In all this I ended up depriving myself adequate sleep. In my first three weeks I thought college was not a conducive milieu for normal living. I thought my four years at LCC will be like some sort of custody. During this struggle to keep up with time, I learned that there was a class that exists just to make sure that students do not regret coming to university. Looking at all the departments at LCC I came to a realization that staff members know that feeling fatigued easily especially in the first year is a common possibility so they fashioned a class and a department to take care of just that. Yay! I am so glad that we have such a class as First Year Seminar and the Students Success Center department. First year seminar and the Students Success Center gave me some hints to the right trail that I might consider following. This included how I study, how I take notes, how and when I revise my notes, who I hang out with, and most of all, how I spend my time. During my first three weeks, I wasted a lot of time thinking that I was actually wisely spending my time. One tip from the Students Success Center that I will never forget is to know beforehand how much free time I have and how I would spend that time. In other words this means as a freshmen it is critically important that I do not do things spontaneously but rather that I have every day of the week in some sort of schedule. Goal CardThis is a really effective way of reducing time wasters and helps cultivate a culture of productivity. If any is in doubt of this this way of spending time, he or she should try this for a minimum time of a week and circumspectly note the similarities and differences in the achievements and how much tired one feels at the end of each day. “Time is money.” This is a trustworthy statement that deserves full acceptance. How we spend our time brings either fatigue or joy at the end of each day. It was not until I visited the Student’s Success Center that I was put wise on how to spend time wisely. Of course I wasn’t taught how to spend every minute, but at least I was given some advice on what is most important and what is trivial and it was all for me to arrange my daily routines. I calculated all the free hours that I have each day and noted that I had a big deal of free time.amagoalcard How I was using that free time is still not clear but for certain I know it was time being wasted because no profit sprouted from all those drifting hours. Since then, I became conscious that it matters how I use my time. It is vitally important for me to understand how I spend my time. I cannot determine what got me tired if I do not know what has been swallowing my time. In advising one who is still struggling with time management I would say: “It also helps to have a goal card that contains all your classes and daily activities. All you need is to follow-it-through.
Time flies when we are having fun, so do not put for later what you can do now. Procrastination is the thief of time. Before you even realize it will be the end of the day and you still need to sleep. Do not count each day but rather make each day count by how you spend each hour. Time is money and should therefore be spent with due regard.”

‘Let’s bring more Albanians to LCC’ mission


Greeting from Frankfurt airport, gate F02 my friends. On this beautiful Sunday, I officially declare Fall Break closed. Fall Break, in case you are not familiar with the term, is a one week relaxing time after the midterms or at least is supposed to be. For me, it turned out quite different. I travelled to Albania as part of the recruitment team and spent the week in a tour around Albania to represent the university to high school students. LCC offered me this opportunity even though I’ve been here only for two months. Below a brief summary of my days there:

Day 1 was a success. Students find LCC extremely attracting. As I was describing student life today for some students, I realized I had grown to love LCC in a very short time. I have had a good two days since I came in terms of food. I had missed eating something other than scrambled eggs. These are the drawbacks of going to university without having stepped to the kitchen before for reasons other than eating. A friendly note: Take precautions!

Day 2 was dedicated to Lezha, my home city. Three presentations took place in three different schools, including the Public High School of Lezha. Later, we had lunch with the principals of the schools we were invited by and talked about the possibility of future collaboration and the Albanian educational system (Like a boss!). I met with friends on the afternoon and they wanted to know how was I doing. The reply does not take long. “It is simply AMAZING”- I say. Once I received this comment: “If you are satisfied, it should be a good place for real.” Peers in my city take my word for it. With time, we’ll build the same relationship. 😉

Day 3 was another marvelous day. We had to administer a three-hour TOEFL test, but the feeling of triumph that we had gathered 25 students in two days of presentation exceeded our fatigue. We even made it to the local TV, where we talked about LCC and its mission on the Eastern World. Gytis says: “It never stops here in Albania.” Another highlight of the day was the “byrek” my aunt cooked for me. If you happen to come to LCC next year, find me, I’ll make you try it (I will probably know how to cook by then).

Day 4 found us in the capital city. Regardless of my attempts to make the departing time 7:30, the final decision was 6:50 because of the traffic. Don’t worry however, you will get much more sleep during your regular classes week. After having finished three presentations, Gytis suggested to have a traditional lunch, so our driver sent us to this restaurant that serves “jufka with chicken birds”. (Don’t count on me for this recipe) The afternoon was reserved to coffee chats with some good friends of mine. It feels so well to be back in the city around people I know. LCC won though!

Day 5 came without noticing it and we were in Shkodra. Today, a senior class of at least 50 people heard about LCC. The topics Gytis and I focus the most are Student Life and financial aid, both alien concepts for the Albanian youth and Eastern culture in general. On the topic financial aid, we often say that “There exist some good people in this world, mainly coming from North America, who care about the future of Eastern Europe youth and education in general and give money for that purpose”. Student Life is something I am usually talking about and I like to put it this way: “I believe that LCC is truly special in terms of student life and I consider myself lucky for being able to live with my classmates. By the end of four years you will have not only made friends for life, but also shaped a mind free of prejudice and a multicultural empathetic personality.”

As I give you something to ponder about, I wish a very successful and productive week for all of you.

Waiting forward to next time.
Your Albanian Acquaintance in LCC

Life Hacks For LCC Students

Well hello there sweethearts of the new LCC B1a1log with me, Ocean.

Let this blog be our secret comfy one-on-one talk. So let me introduce myself. My name is Aušrine. Why Ocean? Because somehow the name „Aušrine“sounds similar to “Ocean” for those whose mother tongue is not Lithuanian. Or, because all of the pickup lines „Hey, your eyes are so blue, like the ocean“or „I could drown in those deep blue eyes“. Uf. I wish they’ll come up with something new soon…..

I started LCC with all of you guys this year at the end of August. I am a freshman, though I have been working and visiting LCC for quite some time now, so let me be your little guide.

Here are my experiences and some juicy tips on how to survive all of these weird species roaming around our Campus. Beware, my little readers. Sometimes it might get tricky.

Species #1: The Playfull Americans


& Trenton Garrison

What do they attract you with: Handsome looks,a smell of freedom, a tan right from California, Surfing abilities, McDonalds 24/7.

Why to be avoided: They playfully tease you on how tiny you are. Doesn’t matter how tall you are, because they are at least 10M high. And they always have snacks on them that they act like they’ll share. Guess what. THEY WON’T. (Just kidding….. or am I? 😀 )

Why you should be friends with them: Easy entries to clubs. Free McDonalds. Amazing to use against your roommate – while she is drooling over a charmer, you can browse through her stuff and take whatever you needed.
Getting things from the top shelf is not a problem anymore.
All of your essays will be fixed.

Species #2: Always Hungry Ukrainians


Anastasia Malyk

What do they attract you with: Constant food and tea, adorableness, sick-treatments and acting like they know your language.

Why to be avoided: Small but vicious creatures. If made angry – will chase you down the ends of the earth.

Why you should be friends with them: If treated properly they are the most adorable creatures. Will always feed you borsch or Salo. Hugs and cuddles guaranteed.

Species #3: Passionate Albanian-Greek’s

& Elvis Matthers

& Elvis Matthers

What do they attract you with: Strong perfume, Confident strut, Raki, Hugs.

Why to be avoided: Extremely friendly. If having a bad day do not go near them or you will be hugged for an eternity. Also, if you need their assistance in the morning, will not correspond with you until they drink their coffee in a period of 1 hour.

Why you should be friends with them: Will always make you dance with them. Day or night. They’ll barge in; make you smile and dance with them with the weirdes music ever. Like Lady Gaga. No kidding.

So here you are, Sweethearts. A few tips on surviving in the jungle of LCC campus. Beware. Or, on the contrary, find yourself somebody valuable for a scheme or a cold winters evening.


Dame  de la  mer

Miss Ocean {French})