Refuse to Say Good-Bye!

Refuse to Say Good-Bye!

Someone has said, “If life seems to treat you well, then watch out!” I did not understand what he meant by this. I questioned myself saying when everything is well with me what then should I watch for and how should I watch out for that and maybe when exactly should I watch out for that which I should be watching out for when life seems to treat me well. Stanie P.Up to now I still don’t understand that, but I guess I have an overview of what he was saying. Imagine, you have a friend on campus. You spend time together, you share food, you study together, you help each other in every situation, and you have more in common. What should you watch out for in such a friend? You should give yourself the answer. I will give you my own answer to that. A time shall come when you feel like you need to say, “Good-bye” to that friend. But trust me. Don’t say these words. Don’t say to your friends, “Good-bye.” Say something nice. That makes no sense right? Of course there is a reason why we say “good-bye” and not bad-bye.”  It is hard to say good-bye unless you have something against the one whom you are wishing a good-bye. The choice to choose what to say is all yours. I refuse to say good-bye. I better say, “I must be going,” not good-bye.” I refuse to say good-bye.

We all have come to a time in our lives when an internal force drives us to shade our tears as we watch our friends turn their backs on us (maybe forever). It is a joy for some to leave LCC International University at this point because they were never meant to be here forever. They intended to be here just for a semester. So when the time comes to go back home and see friends and family then that’s a great thriller yet they are leaving even more friends behind. What will they feel if you say to them “Good-bye?” It sounds more like you are wishing them well and that you don’t have any reason to remember them. Refuse to say good-bye. Say something nice. Yes, say something nice. It is a good thing that all our friends are going back to see their families and friends. What about those of them whom we will not see next semester? It is a pity that the “Exchange Students, Erasmus Students, and the Study Abroad” are leaving. I don’t know for you but personally I feel honored and privileged that it is hard for me to say good-bye to them. How privileged am I to have made friends in such a way that it becomes so hard to say “good-bye.” Don’t let it sound as if you kind of regret having made friends with them. I genuinely don’t want to forget any of my friends, so I’d rather say, “I look forward to our next meeting.”

Here is a quote that deserves full acceptance, “If you are brave enough to say good bye, life will reward you with a new hello.” We can twist this statement just a little bit. I know you don’t know me that well enough to trust me but I am going to ask YOU TO TRUST ME. Yes, trust me, if you don’t say good bye you can still say hello next semester to all freshmen, Erasmus Students, Exchange Students, Study Abroad, Returning Students, and a lot more. But if you say good bye it sounds like “It is over,” now you are going to forget all the good people you met. Refuse to say “Good-bye.” I refuse to say good-bye. I’d rather say, “It has been a blessing meeting you.” And of course I mean it. Don’t say it has been nice meeting you when you don’t mean it. In that case rather say, “When is your flight? Oh 6:00 p.m., I wish it was now so you can get home and see your friends and family before the end of the day.” Hahaha I hope none of us met such friends that they wish them to get back home as soon as yesterday.

How about if you say, “God be with you till we meet again?” Maybe your friends are not Christians, how about something that sounds like, “See you after a while?” Who knows how long a while is? Another secret. In his first sermon Jesus preached that the kingdom of God was at hand, he preached that He was coming back soon. That was thousands of years ago, but he is not back yet. So who knows how long a “WHILE” is?

That is true, believe it or leave it. I bid you all my friends farewell. God be with you till we meet again. See you all after a while. Oh, yes. This is why our God is called Ebeneezer; meaning thus far He has taken us. It has been a pleasure and joy getting to know you all. Hope we’ll keep connected in various ways. Best of wishes in all your future endeavors May the God of Peace travel with you all and give you an awesome and breath-taking Christmas break as you commemorate His Birth. May this Christmas be so reminiscent of The Incarnation. It has been an envious ride getting to know and spend time with you people. Keep Calm and wipe away those tears of joy. We will forever have you in heart and prayers.

Till we meet, I gotta hit the road, yes I’m off!


Fnals? Fins…. Finals…. Mhm.

Hey there sweet loyal readers of my blog. This is1a1 me, once again – Ocean.

You could sense I am not happy or bubbly in this blog. Why? It’s Finals week. Yep.

So I tried to study for finals. I really did. But before that I had a lot of things to do.

tumblr_inline_mgmnt6K8X51qb6g6hJob #1: Clean my room. How can I study in a messy room? Cluttered room = cluttered mind (found this on the internet, thought it sounded cool.)

Job #2: After cleaning my room I realize I’m hungry. *prepares steak and potatoes (YES POTATOES IM LITHUANIAN OK STOP JUDGING)*

Job #3: Bought a unicorn. Named him Charlie. He’s nice. He likes to chew on my nose sometimes. Charlie is silly.

Job #4: Feel miserable. Check.finals-break-0

Job #5: Cry because you’ll fail everything in life just like that one time you went into a shop to buy yourself candy and you were 1LT short. Dammit you Iki.

Job #6:
go to sleep. Talk yourself into the fact regarded as “student axiom” that you can’t study if you are tired.

Job #7: Lie to yourself that everything will be ok.
If you will see me you are allowed to either feed me cupcakes or shoot me with a nice and sparkly sleeping potion just like they shoot sick animals in cartoons.

Love you.


Dame de la mer


Salutations, Republic!unnamed I was going to talk about the innovative method of contacting intelligent extra-terrestrial life by launching buckets of fried chicken into deep space, but frankly I’m not in the mood for serious scientific discussions.

This mood thing has been something of an issue, naturally for the end-of-semester season.

One of the questions you hear a lot from family members and non-university friends is “How was your week?” The usual reply is something to the effect of “fine”. What that means is that either you have no memory of the last seven days, or that you’d rather be talking to someone else. But this week, “fine” just won’t do…

Because this week has been the most depressing arrangement of misery I have experienced in my academic career. I’m not simply stressed, no… I can no longer afford such frivolous pleasures. I am done. The mere recollection of the last seven days gives me heartburn. This week has been so perfectly dreadful, that not even suicide seems like a sufficient solution. If tomorrow the press tells the world that there is an asteroid the size of Pluto inexorably headed for this cursed hapless ball of cosmic garbage, it would not only be a solemn testament to the existence of God, but also to that He is, in fact, of the merciful variety. For this would not be judgement, but an act of love; not murder, but euthanasia. We are not a victim but a patient, with an illness beyond cure and suffering beyond mitigation. And heaven on earth will reign only when the dead ground is silently precipitated with the ashes of the freshly incinerated living…


<takes a deep breath> So erm… yeah… that mood.

But this abysmal emotional state has come about almost exclusively by virtue of my own choices. I’ve left everything till the last possible moment, and signed up for my presentations in a way that they all converge on the same week. And that’s because when it comes to college work I’m motivated only by the most powerful force in the universe – panic. I’m not one of the people who can sit over a book for 3-4 consecutive hours and actually study, three days before the test. I can’t do it. Well, I mean, I can, but I’ll have twelve nervous breakdowns along the way.

Unless I feel the impending apocalypse breathing down my neck, I will hopelessly procrastinate. And if I attempt a task in advance, I just end up wasting time daydreaming about doing all of the things I could be doing instead. Like for instance, examining the imperfections on the wall, or taking a five hour bath – far more exciting and important than 10-20% of my semester grade.

Unfortunately, these 3-4 hour study sessions are unavoidable, since that’s what’s needed to do well on the tests. And no amount of dividing it up into sections will change the fact that for the duration of the experience my face hole will be gushing expletives at everything I don’t immediately understand.

So those of you who feel the same way – congratulations on the ability to feel anything at this stage. That is an achievement in itself. And for those who are on the outside of the experience – you know how my week has been by my bloodshot eyes with bags under them, so don’t ask out of politeness. You know what would be more polite? Pizza. Speaking of which, donations in the form of coffee, green tea, dark chocolate  ̶c̶o̶c̶a̶i̶n̶e̶ and, of course, pizza are appreciated like never before.

Stay strong, Republic, this too shall pass and so will you!

10 Things You Do In College

Studying in a different country, away from home,  in an American University has taught me various things. And I know everything would be different if I went to college back home, so it is kind of fun to get this experience. I mean, new things are fun, right? I made this list of 10 things that have happened to you by the end of the first semester. 


1. Students have as much fun in College as it is shown in movies. Of course, experiences vary from person to person, but for most part it is true. Weekends were created to not exist (because of reasons, you know). Yes, we do go out on Friday and Saturday mostly. Yes, we have fun. (You know what I mean by fun). But eventually you will get tired of it and prefer movie night to crazy nights. No, it does not mean you’re getting old, it just happens.

2. Sleep is not your thing anymore. Ever.  Because you have to read those beautifully worded 130 pages of your textbook for the next day, and then write a response paper about how to cure cancer in a day. I mean, getting 2,5 hours of sleep a night is pretty cool, right? Who needs more. You wake up (physically), drink a gallon of coffee and you are good! (Ok, I’m being a bit too excited about this..but hey! Stay positive!). You started school at 8:30 am so you think you can handle 8:30 lectures? I’m sorry to tell you that you are terribly wrong. Personally I started school at 8:30, but I can not function during that time in College, because I stayed up till 4:00 am writing that paper for THAT exact class. BOOM!

3. Popcorn is a decent meal for dinner. Only if there are candle lights included. Well, this mostly happens about in the end of the month, when you accidentally ran out of all your money. Basically, you have too much month left in the end of your money. And this is where Ramen noodles kick in! (And popcorn, popcorn is awesome). The big part of why you eat crappy food is mostly laziness too. After you get back from several lectures and you are hungry as Hulk, you don’t have enough patience to wait 20 minutes for your Italian pasta to cook, so you go to easier alternative and eat noodles.

4. You LOVE doing laundry. And ironing. First you need to collect your laundry, then you need to get the coins for the machine, then you put some soap in and woilla, you are done. Easy? No. Because, mostly you run out of clothes soon enough to be in need of washing them again in a week. Then you will have to buy the coins for washing machine, which are never there and you spend half a day looking for them. Then eventually some kind person will bring you the coins, you purchase them like it’s the last bar of chocolate in zombie apocalypse, and get on doing your laundry. But this ain’t easy too, because basically you get into a verbal fight with the washing machine, which refuses to work. And you feel like you won a literal argument after it starts to work.

5. Grocery shopping. Most of us probably have never done it by ourselves. This is STRESSFUL! At first you go to the store, you start searching for products you need, and then you start looking for the cheapest ones from them. Then you have to try to prevent yourself from buying a chocolate cake instead of a chicken, because you are an adult now and you need to eat proper food. (College is a Nutritionist’s nightmare). Eventually you still end up buying some snacky semi-junk food that you will consume as soon as you get home, but hey, you got that chicken, right? And after that comes the fun part of carrying the heavy shopping bags home in a lady-like fashion.10717506_10202796936824374_86230738_n

6. You will…(get ready for it)… gain some weight. I think it really varies from person to person but the mighty people of past did not come up with the “Freshman 15″ (or Freshman 7 in kilos) phenomena for no reason. But don’t worry, it will disappear as quickly as your hope to pass the final exams. (Just kidding).

7. Friends and Foes. You will meet so many people it is not even a joke. And probably by the end of first semester you will already have friends, but nothing comes easy, so there will be some human beings that will not necessarily fancy you for any reason. (IDK, you name it). But don’t worry about that, just stick with your friends and you’ll get over it soon.

8. Baby, the Gossip Girl is real. For some reason I thought that people are done with gossiping by the time they reach College. Apparently my world is too ideal and I have been living in a lie. Because I thought that in College people have much more serious aspirations than just wasting time gossiping. Oh, well.

9. You will meet wrong people. It can be a guy or a girl depending on your preferences. It can be multiple, no judgment here. But you will get over it. We’re grown ups.

10. You will get sick. A lot. I am saying this with absolute seriousness and I am not joking, health is a problem for College students and genuinely for the Freshmen. By observing my peers and my own self I assumed that stress is probably the main cause for it all (yeah, I totally wrote a research paper for Psych about this topic and I am trying hard not to get into too much detail). Plus, all of a sudden we have too many writing assignments and due to our lack of estimating the time needed for them we get to stay up multiple nights to finish them before deadlines. And it all affects our immune system. So, please just somehow manage to take care of your health. Other than that you’re good.

This sums up my experience so far. Semi-Adult life ain’t easy, but remember: STAY POSITIVE! You’re a pink Unicorn.



LCC Offers Free Ice-Skating


I was initially thinking of writing something about Talent Night or Albanian Independence, but I realized my impressions from the organizer and MC’s standpoint would not give you a clear idea as a spectator. Therefore, I will leave this to one of my other blogger friends, except Veko who was also in the position of a performer and could tell us about how she felt, but not how the program went. Ivan, Nick or Ausrine, I dare you to leave your comments about the show, preferably for my host performance! 😛

There was however this other super exciting thing that happened this last week on campus. It is what I call nature’s magic. The pond froze. (The cold finally did something of good.) Coming from a warm Mediterranean country, I had never seen such a phenomena and I was amazed as I watched from the window the shining sky-colored surface.

10628606_375679952599790_5287989854968441777_nIt happened Saturday night, but on Sunday it was still dangerous to practice our talent. It was not until Monday that with great bravery I stepped on it. Performance is yet to come. When I buy my skates, I can finally start practicing those television moves: jumps in the air, “piruets” and swift sliding, while playing “For the First Time in Forever”. Elvis, my bestie (the guy on the picture) claims that this new ability of walking on water makes him feel like Jesus. Interesting viewpoint!

Living aside the beauty, that’s what I call free ice-skating my friends. I recall when I first stepped into an ice skating area; I barely stoop up on my feet for more than 2 minutes. My father was joking: “That’s what it means to spend money to see your children getting bruised.” Now I joke with him: “Dad, I get bruised for free now.”

10689475_378342362333549_7591171655112063395_nThis recently opened park had us welcome visitors from all over the place, especially little laimingas kids who have spread around campus an early Christmas joyfulness. How wondrous to see people finding entertainment even in temperatures below 0. 🙂

The moral: Everything happens for a reason, even freezing cold.

Till next time buddies,


Your Albanian Acquaintance in LCC



Why Hello, Hello there sweethearts, once again from1a1 Ocean.

I know you havent heard from me in a while…. Honestly – i was blank on what to tell you guys next. I am not the kind of person to fill you up on anything, just to write a blog, i was waiting for something to strike me. And well, this week, it did.
I guess you are wondering what kind of weird title for this article is ? Well i just made up my own word (yes, i do that sometimes!) to perfectly discribe how i feel – AweSad. The LCC situation im gonna talk about is exactly that – Awesome and Sad combined.

This week my dear friend (Past LCC student) from Ukraine visited me. He was one of the first LCC friends i got , even when i did not go to LCC yet.

Even though he visited for 3 days only, i rembered what amazing times we had. And, well it made me SUPER sad. Why? Because in LCC it always happens like this!


Valerie Boyko, Me, Denys Andrushchenko. Denys, you are always missed here in LCC. ❤

In LCC you meet the most amazing people in your life , loving, caring, fun and comfortable. It is a different kind of friends, you just can not describe it. Here, your friends make you grow. You change with them. You grow with them. Sometimes you do silly things like wrap yourself in toilet paper and act like a mummy at 3am. Yet, every time, all of us being from different countries, you have to say goodbye, either for a christmass break, or for years to come. You never know when you will meet that person again, or maybe never again?

Honestly this is the only downside to a multicultural-international community of LCC. The people here are too amazing, and its to sad to let them go!

I guess its not the worst downside a univercity can have, huh? Haha!

Untill next time,


Dame de la Mer.

P.S with finals arriving , may the odds be even in  our favours.


That Awkward Moment

The Awkward Moment
Hi fellows! Back on track with Stanie P. from Zimbabwe. We are still on our way following the trail that we just started. In case the morning coffee failed today, unnamedthere is something to cheer you up and brighten your day or perhaps the entirety of your stay at LCC International University. Want a smile on your face-check LCC Republic now!
I was made to believe that school days are the best. Some even say that if you are to ask the President of your country today what his/her best days in life were, they would point back to their school days. If I can look back at my high school years I am tempted to say that they are the best years yet if I could find a postern gate into yesterday then I would say university years are the best of all. What I have experienced so far explicitly explains that my time in Lithuania will be marked with joy and laughter. This is as plain as the nose on my face, university years are accompanied by joyous and momentous occasions, but on the other hand there are also some moments that you would never want to space. Among them are such moments that make me sad as they come to pass but if I would look over the whole scenario again a couple of weeks later I cannot help it but put a smile on my face and lighten my spirit as I anticipate more tragedies and tremendous moments in this life-a continuous journey into the unknown. Help me recall what kind of a face I would wear upon recalling…

That Awkward moment when you are dog-tired and you want to sleep but your Ndisiye ndirareroommates are so loud, they are playing their music so loud in languages that you do not understand, or they are so glamorous and want to share their experience for that day with you. You don’t want to disappoint them, yet you want to sleep in order that you can be wide awake in class the following day. “You then feel too old to cry and it hurts so much to laugh”-Abraham Lincoln.

That Awkward moment when you have early classes today but you retired to bed late last night. You are still feeling tired to an extent of feeling the tediousness of the previous day even in your sweet dreams. All of a sudden ‘WAKE UP-WAKE UP-WAKE UP IT’S A NEW DAY!!!” goes your alarm. rara hakoYou forget that your phone is so luxurious, you don’t even remember how much you bought it because it was so expensive. As you lie awake in your bed you are thinking if you should get up or snooze it for ten more minutes. You are still very tired to a depth of forgetting your name. The alarm refuses to let you have your peace, it continues to torture your ears. You knockout your alarm because of frustration. Now that you are fully awake you realize that you almost broke that expensive phone-it is even left with some marks on it because of your ruthlessness.

That Awkward moment when you wake up despite the alarm that tortured your ears you still fill happy and joyful. You prepare for the day and can’t wait to be in your first class of the day. Fit as a fiddle and ready to go, both textbooks and notebooks already in your backpack you head out for the door. As soon as you step outside you feel the unsympathetic Lithuanian weather that bangs against you and makes you realize that the world is never fair as it is said that anticipating the world to be fair is like hoping that when you encounter a lion it won’t eat you because you do not eat it. All the joy then melts away leaving traces of gloom. As you continue the struggle one step at a time towards Defehr you also remember that your first class is the one you like the least. The weather always has unpredicted ideas, your happiness is gone-that awkward moment,
That akward moment when you are late for classes and you are running just so that you may not be completely absent as it is said that rather be late than absent. As you track towards your class room, you meet one of your favorite professors on his/her way to the residence halls or to Michealsen Centras. They also cherish your presence, they seem to be blind of the fact that you were running-it means you are late. They want to exchange words with you for a minute. To make the matter worse you do not even have the confidence to point out that your are late and you would definitely see them later during the day – that awkward moment,

That awkward moment when you are preparing for a quiz but you did not take notes in class because you thought that the material that the professor covered was just trivial. You now realize your folly because the professor said that the quiz will have either positive or negative effects on your final exam grades. As this thought tumbles in your mind you eventually realized that the lecturer said you can study the third presentation uploaded for that class on Moodle. You only have three hours before this quiz gets underway so you decided to spend these few hours thriftily by preparing for this quiz. Time flies when you are having fun. You are so excited that you will make the grade with flying colors because you feel prepared for the quiz. Time comes, here you are sitting with your fellow classmates-full of anticipation of what this quiz would consist of. The professor gives commands, “Make sure that no one is sitting on the next row in front or behind you neither should there be anyone on the next chair to your left or right(in Neufeld).” He goes on to mention that his classes are hard in training but easy in battle. He says that he hopes that the presentation he uploaded was helpful. He goes on to give the title of the presentation, but to your bewilderment the title is unfamiliar to you. You start to wonder if he said the wrong one or you studied the wrong one. You start to write the quiz and definitely realize that you scrutinized the fourth presentation instead of the third one – that awkward moment,

That awkward moment when you do not quite hold up with a classmate because he/she is so picky. This classmate of yours seems to also criticize your perspective every time you have group assignments. It’s not that you are always incorrect but that they always find funny when you say something. You show up in class only to find out that the professor had a group assignment scheduled for that day. You are still there warming your chair because the Lithuanian weather is not always cordial. As the professor explain this assignments you are thinking if she will put you two in one group. You cheer up yourself saying that it will not always be the case that she will put both of you in the same group. As she calls out the students that would comprise a group you find out that you have been put in a different group with this your classmate. Each group comprises of seven students. You are so happy to share all your ideas because you are feeling more comfortable today. You are even happy. As you start saying something, the teacher points to your group and says that it has six students instead of seven so she politely asks your least favorite classmate to kindly join your group and she agrees – that awkward moment,

That Awkward moment when you like a certain dish so you make it like three Makaronaitimes a week but you fellow floor mates end up making fun of you due to the fact that you are always having the same dish. They even say that it is the only meal you ever prepare – that awkward moment,

That awkward moment when your roommate goes home for the weekend and you are too lazy to go to the market. Maybe you are too lazy to go to the market because you know that there is extra food! You decide to eat this food hoping that you would replace everything you devour before your roommate returns. Your roommate returns sooner than expected and he is not okay with this your idea of asking yourself for his food and giving yourself permission to his food – that awkward moment,

That Awkward moment when you share with your friends a joke that is common in your home country. After saying all you intended to say none of your friend laughs. Finally you find out that it is not because your joke is not hilarious but rather offensive in their culture – that awkward moment,

That Awkward moment when you have an assignment to print out. You are so busy that you decide to print the paper on the same day that you are to produce a hard copy of your assignment in class. You pop up in the library twenty minutes before your class but the computers are so slow that after printing your paper you realize that you are seven minute late for your class. To make matters worse, you have been later for that same class four consecutive times now – that awkward moment,

That Awkward moment when you are not so sure of word pronunciations but would still like to use some words in a conversation. Good, you have an impromptu speech today – the opportunity you have long been waiting for. As a result of your uncertainty you use the word “vulnerable” instead of “venerable”, you use “imminent” instead of “eminent”, and “impotent” instead of “important.” There is a big grin on your face – satisfied with your accomplish only time see it append on your grades that you really have to work on your vocabulary – that awkward moment,

That Awkward moment when you are not feeling pretty well so you write to your professor and give a reason for missing class that day. You therefore spend the whole day sleep and relaxing.As dusk approaches, you decide to go outside for the first time. You decide walking to grab a few items at the shop and there you meet your professor. He is not close enough that you can talk to him but he just intently looks at you, waves, and walks away – that awkward moment,

That Awkward moment when you are learning some new vocabulary in Lithuanian. The words are so tricky that you end up composing a chorus with the words just so you may master them. All day long you are humming this chorus and your friends or roommates who notices that asks what song is that and you can’t explain –that awkward moment,
That Awkward moment when you walk from class after receiving your grade on a recent quiz and you are so blissful. You are teeming with joy. You see your friend about 20 yards ahead of you and you call them out aloud to tell them of your success. He/she doesn’t answer and you think maybe they just did not hear you so you call even louder. To your shock, you find out that it’s someone else who did not answer simply because it was not their name that you called – that awkward moment,

That Awkward moment when one of your good friends invites to join him/her for dinner. The table is set and the prayer has already been said. Your friend is sitting at the side of the table opposite to you. You are so shy but you start a new topic just so you may be less shy. Your friend and his/her friends unconsciously continues your topic in their common language (for instance you speak only English and they are now using Ukrainian). You see that they are saying something interesting because they are all giggling but you don’t anything – that awkward moment,
That Awkward moment when one is too tired to do his/her homework so he/she goes ahead to take a siesta, but he or she cannot sleep because the mind is busy trying to figure out when he/she would do that homework. So you lie awake the whole two hours – that awkward moment,
That Awkward Moment when you quote the Bible in trying to help a friend solve his problem. He points out that you have quoted the Bible incorrectly and he convinces you to believe that you are wrong for sure and you feel like you are the one left in the predicament – that awkward moment,
That Awkward Moment when a friend borrows 15 litas to buy cigarettes and after smoking they bring back 5 litas saying that’s all the money you lent them – that awkward moment,
That Awkward Moment when a friend comes to you with lips dry and you assume Smoking hutthey are hungry. They want to borrow money and give it back the next day. You give them the money and ask, “So what are you going to buy?” and they reply in a voice soft and low, “cigarettes.” – That awkward moment,
That awkward moment when you go to bed very late know that you don’t have early classes the next day. As a result of the four other roommates that you have, you cannot sleep adequately because one of them has a lecture at 8:30, another has a lecture 9: 45 and the last two have their first lectures of the day at 11:00 and your lectures begin at 1:15. None of them woke up as soon as their alarms were going. They snoozed their alarms at least twice – that awkward moment,
That Awkward Moment when you do the best that you possibly can in cleaning the kitchen because you have kitchen duty only to wake up the following morning and hear the R. A affirming that you have ONLY two days more for not taking the trash out – that awkward moment,2014-12-02 15.21.07
That Awkward moment when you get used to going to your friend’s room. You and your friends are in each other’s good graces that you don’t knock on each other’s door because you are good friends and you are both of the same sex.That awkward moment when you call your friend and enter his room only to hear him answer from the next room. You just entered a wrong room and the residents of that (wrong) room stare in utter shock –that awkward moment,

That Awkward Moment when the receptionists say they don’t have any token for the washing machine. They tell you to go and ask at the other residence hall and there you get only one because that is all they have. You come back and put your clothes into the appliance, put the coin as well and it’s gone for good. Nothing happens and you can’t retrieve it – that awkward moment,

That awkward moment when you don’t have time to iron your clothes so you stretch them nicely on the dryer in the laundry room and go for your classes.Hembe You come to pick your clothes up at the end of the day and you find them all dry and stacked on one corner (in a way that they now need ironing) because someone needed to use the same drier to dry his clothes since yours were dry –that awkward moment
MbachaThat Awkward Moment when you buy the token and trust the washing machine to do your laundry as you take care of something else only to find out that the job had not been done perfectly because you were in a hurry and did not pay close attention to what kind of clothes you gave it to wash for you – that awkward moment,
That Awkward Moment when you do not feel like eating anything in the morning so you just go ahead and go to class. After sitting in the classroom for twenty minutes, your stomach decides to ask you in public why you deprived it of food. It growls so loud and everyone looks at you – that awkward moment,

That Awkward moment when you sleep in class and finally you wake up because everyone is laughing at what you said while you were sleeping (you soliloquized). You ask a friend sitting next to you what exactly you said and he/she says that nobody understood what you said, all they know is that you said something out loud – that awkward moment,
That Awkward moment when you don’t want anyone to know you grades but your friend asked what you grade was. You just tell him simply because he is your friend. An hour later he when you meet at the Cafeteria in Michealsen Centras he just shout to you and says, “I grade was 4 because you did not understand the Fibonacci sequence, I will help you with that.” Good he is willing to help, but now everyone else is now aware of your grade – that awkward moment,

That Awkward Moment is not as awkward as when the guy who first discovered milk tries to explain what he was doing with/to the cow,2014-11-29 20.46.55
Yes, that AWKWARD MOMENT WHEN you are so happy that you ask your roommate to lower down his/her volume because you want to read a text message on What’s App. Woot!

Allow me to call the whole thing to a screeching halt right here.

Remember life is but a breeze – one moment you feel it, the next moment it’s gone. Owe no man anything except love. Make the most out of every opportunity. Show genuine love to all your friends, classmates, roommates, and everyone else. Don’t forget to take good care of your loved ones. Till we meet, it’s bye bye for now.

Which period of your life marks your best days?

ps. Don’t forget to share your awkward moments with others.


Hello guys.

Open Doors Day4a

2014-10-29 10.15.49


It was great. I was welcoming our guests – 12th graders from Klaipėda, other Lithuanian towns, and Liepāja, Latvia. My simple duty was to say “Good Morning”, guide to cloakroom where my pal, Maksym from Zaporizhia, Ukraine, was working; and send to first (Albanian) registration table, and after, to second (Ukrainian-Moldovan). Some time later, our prospective students attended some brainwashing lecture from our admissions man Emas. Then, they went to the classes they registered for. Even though I did not attend those lectures, it was easy to see that folks really liked their very first time at LCC.

Yet next thing was the lunch which I went to, and it was awesome. (Actually, food is awesome.) It is.

Chatting with guys was also good – I think it was the best way for them to understand what is LCC, since we are fresh and unbiased students, so we can tell all the truth about the university life.

After the event, I did not want to clean up and move the tables in the hall where we were eating, so I escaped from there and joined Ukrainian girls who were making a campus tour for the school-leavers. Again, it could not be that good without us, since only we could tell all the fun facts in informal way about each of the places. I showed how we live in our room, I shared my own impressions and fresh experiences.

Then, coffee break and little portion of brainwashing from Emas, and senior from Zaporizhia – Oleksiy. Blah blah blah, all that stuff.

Quotes for successful entrepreneurs

 In fact, my classes are great. Love Business Department professors:

It’s not a big ass, it’s an integral.

Dmytro Baklaiev, Math professor; explaining antiderivatives.

– You know, ehhh, I ran out of milk. I need some more.

– Ok, let’s go to the cow.

Arturo Soto Gonzalez, Business professor; explaining the concept of supply using the fictional entrepreneur character, močiutė.


We have a basketball team, Moose. They play so hard. They are insane, kicking off the rival with 60 points difference. Football games are also epic. Fans are going crazy.


Do not complain, work, sleep, eat. Do it.

Wish you peace and love,

Ivan from Bila Tsekrva.