10 Things You Do In College

Studying in a different country, away from home,  in an American University has taught me various things. And I know everything would be different if I went to college back home, so it is kind of fun to get this experience. I mean, new things are fun, right? I made this list of 10 things that have happened to you by the end of the first semester. 


1. Students have as much fun in College as it is shown in movies. Of course, experiences vary from person to person, but for most part it is true. Weekends were created to not exist (because of reasons, you know). Yes, we do go out on Friday and Saturday mostly. Yes, we have fun. (You know what I mean by fun). But eventually you will get tired of it and prefer movie night to crazy nights. No, it does not mean you’re getting old, it just happens.

2. Sleep is not your thing anymore. Ever.  Because you have to read those beautifully worded 130 pages of your textbook for the next day, and then write a response paper about how to cure cancer in a day. I mean, getting 2,5 hours of sleep a night is pretty cool, right? Who needs more. You wake up (physically), drink a gallon of coffee and you are good! (Ok, I’m being a bit too excited about this..but hey! Stay positive!). You started school at 8:30 am so you think you can handle 8:30 lectures? I’m sorry to tell you that you are terribly wrong. Personally I started school at 8:30, but I can not function during that time in College, because I stayed up till 4:00 am writing that paper for THAT exact class. BOOM!

3. Popcorn is a decent meal for dinner. Only if there are candle lights included. Well, this mostly happens about in the end of the month, when you accidentally ran out of all your money. Basically, you have too much month left in the end of your money. And this is where Ramen noodles kick in! (And popcorn, popcorn is awesome). The big part of why you eat crappy food is mostly laziness too. After you get back from several lectures and you are hungry as Hulk, you don’t have enough patience to wait 20 minutes for your Italian pasta to cook, so you go to easier alternative and eat noodles.

4. You LOVE doing laundry. And ironing. First you need to collect your laundry, then you need to get the coins for the machine, then you put some soap in and woilla, you are done. Easy? No. Because, mostly you run out of clothes soon enough to be in need of washing them again in a week. Then you will have to buy the coins for washing machine, which are never there and you spend half a day looking for them. Then eventually some kind person will bring you the coins, you purchase them like it’s the last bar of chocolate in zombie apocalypse, and get on doing your laundry. But this ain’t easy too, because basically you get into a verbal fight with the washing machine, which refuses to work. And you feel like you won a literal argument after it starts to work.

5. Grocery shopping. Most of us probably have never done it by ourselves. This is STRESSFUL! At first you go to the store, you start searching for products you need, and then you start looking for the cheapest ones from them. Then you have to try to prevent yourself from buying a chocolate cake instead of a chicken, because you are an adult now and you need to eat proper food. (College is a Nutritionist’s nightmare). Eventually you still end up buying some snacky semi-junk food that you will consume as soon as you get home, but hey, you got that chicken, right? And after that comes the fun part of carrying the heavy shopping bags home in a lady-like fashion.10717506_10202796936824374_86230738_n

6. You will…(get ready for it)… gain some weight. I think it really varies from person to person but the mighty people of past did not come up with the “Freshman 15″ (or Freshman 7 in kilos) phenomena for no reason. But don’t worry, it will disappear as quickly as your hope to pass the final exams. (Just kidding).

7. Friends and Foes. You will meet so many people it is not even a joke. And probably by the end of first semester you will already have friends, but nothing comes easy, so there will be some human beings that will not necessarily fancy you for any reason. (IDK, you name it). But don’t worry about that, just stick with your friends and you’ll get over it soon.

8. Baby, the Gossip Girl is real. For some reason I thought that people are done with gossiping by the time they reach College. Apparently my world is too ideal and I have been living in a lie. Because I thought that in College people have much more serious aspirations than just wasting time gossiping. Oh, well.

9. You will meet wrong people. It can be a guy or a girl depending on your preferences. It can be multiple, no judgment here. But you will get over it. We’re grown ups.

10. You will get sick. A lot. I am saying this with absolute seriousness and I am not joking, health is a problem for College students and genuinely for the Freshmen. By observing my peers and my own self I assumed that stress is probably the main cause for it all (yeah, I totally wrote a research paper for Psych about this topic and I am trying hard not to get into too much detail). Plus, all of a sudden we have too many writing assignments and due to our lack of estimating the time needed for them we get to stay up multiple nights to finish them before deadlines. And it all affects our immune system. So, please just somehow manage to take care of your health. Other than that you’re good.

This sums up my experience so far. Semi-Adult life ain’t easy, but remember: STAY POSITIVE! You’re a pink Unicorn.




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