Fnals? Fins…. Finals…. Mhm.

Hey there sweet loyal readers of my blog. This is1a1 me, once again – Ocean.

You could sense I am not happy or bubbly in this blog. Why? It’s Finals week. Yep.

So I tried to study for finals. I really did. But before that I had a lot of things to do.

tumblr_inline_mgmnt6K8X51qb6g6hJob #1: Clean my room. How can I study in a messy room? Cluttered room = cluttered mind (found this on the internet, thought it sounded cool.)

Job #2: After cleaning my room I realize I’m hungry. *prepares steak and potatoes (YES POTATOES IM LITHUANIAN OK STOP JUDGING)*

Job #3: Bought a unicorn. Named him Charlie. He’s nice. He likes to chew on my nose sometimes. Charlie is silly.

Job #4: Feel miserable. Check.finals-break-0

Job #5: Cry because you’ll fail everything in life just like that one time you went into a shop to buy yourself candy and you were 1LT short. Dammit you Iki.

Job #6:
go to sleep. Talk yourself into the fact regarded as “student axiom” that you can’t study if you are tired.

Job #7: Lie to yourself that everything will be ok.
If you will see me you are allowed to either feed me cupcakes or shoot me with a nice and sparkly sleeping potion just like they shoot sick animals in cartoons.

Love you.


Dame de la mer


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