Refuse to Say Good-Bye!

Refuse to Say Good-Bye!

Someone has said, “If life seems to treat you well, then watch out!” I did not understand what he meant by this. I questioned myself saying when everything is well with me what then should I watch for and how should I watch out for that and maybe when exactly should I watch out for that which I should be watching out for when life seems to treat me well. Stanie P.Up to now I still don’t understand that, but I guess I have an overview of what he was saying. Imagine, you have a friend on campus. You spend time together, you share food, you study together, you help each other in every situation, and you have more in common. What should you watch out for in such a friend? You should give yourself the answer. I will give you my own answer to that. A time shall come when you feel like you need to say, “Good-bye” to that friend. But trust me. Don’t say these words. Don’t say to your friends, “Good-bye.” Say something nice. That makes no sense right? Of course there is a reason why we say “good-bye” and not bad-bye.”  It is hard to say good-bye unless you have something against the one whom you are wishing a good-bye. The choice to choose what to say is all yours. I refuse to say good-bye. I better say, “I must be going,” not good-bye.” I refuse to say good-bye.

We all have come to a time in our lives when an internal force drives us to shade our tears as we watch our friends turn their backs on us (maybe forever). It is a joy for some to leave LCC International University at this point because they were never meant to be here forever. They intended to be here just for a semester. So when the time comes to go back home and see friends and family then that’s a great thriller yet they are leaving even more friends behind. What will they feel if you say to them “Good-bye?” It sounds more like you are wishing them well and that you don’t have any reason to remember them. Refuse to say good-bye. Say something nice. Yes, say something nice. It is a good thing that all our friends are going back to see their families and friends. What about those of them whom we will not see next semester? It is a pity that the “Exchange Students, Erasmus Students, and the Study Abroad” are leaving. I don’t know for you but personally I feel honored and privileged that it is hard for me to say good-bye to them. How privileged am I to have made friends in such a way that it becomes so hard to say “good-bye.” Don’t let it sound as if you kind of regret having made friends with them. I genuinely don’t want to forget any of my friends, so I’d rather say, “I look forward to our next meeting.”

Here is a quote that deserves full acceptance, “If you are brave enough to say good bye, life will reward you with a new hello.” We can twist this statement just a little bit. I know you don’t know me that well enough to trust me but I am going to ask YOU TO TRUST ME. Yes, trust me, if you don’t say good bye you can still say hello next semester to all freshmen, Erasmus Students, Exchange Students, Study Abroad, Returning Students, and a lot more. But if you say good bye it sounds like “It is over,” now you are going to forget all the good people you met. Refuse to say “Good-bye.” I refuse to say good-bye. I’d rather say, “It has been a blessing meeting you.” And of course I mean it. Don’t say it has been nice meeting you when you don’t mean it. In that case rather say, “When is your flight? Oh 6:00 p.m., I wish it was now so you can get home and see your friends and family before the end of the day.” Hahaha I hope none of us met such friends that they wish them to get back home as soon as yesterday.

How about if you say, “God be with you till we meet again?” Maybe your friends are not Christians, how about something that sounds like, “See you after a while?” Who knows how long a while is? Another secret. In his first sermon Jesus preached that the kingdom of God was at hand, he preached that He was coming back soon. That was thousands of years ago, but he is not back yet. So who knows how long a “WHILE” is?

That is true, believe it or leave it. I bid you all my friends farewell. God be with you till we meet again. See you all after a while. Oh, yes. This is why our God is called Ebeneezer; meaning thus far He has taken us. It has been a pleasure and joy getting to know you all. Hope we’ll keep connected in various ways. Best of wishes in all your future endeavors May the God of Peace travel with you all and give you an awesome and breath-taking Christmas break as you commemorate His Birth. May this Christmas be so reminiscent of The Incarnation. It has been an envious ride getting to know and spend time with you people. Keep Calm and wipe away those tears of joy. We will forever have you in heart and prayers.

Till we meet, I gotta hit the road, yes I’m off!



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