“Americans… Can’t leave with them, can’t leave without them”

I happen to have this crazy American roommate named Shayna this semester.

10942736_400257143475404_3653629398316316039_nIt all started the night I came back on campus. I knew we were going to be good friends since the moment I saw her willingness to help me out with the lock problem. She was trying just as hard as Dorisa (my best friend) to open up the lock (If you have read my previous blog, you know what I am talking about); she was watching tutorials on Youtube and even called her friend, Drew, to aid us with the bobby pins’ procedure. Next morning, I wake up and find a package of gummies, chocolate and a note saying “I hope you are feeling more relaxed and that this day turns out better.”

10896915_400243196810132_3849083988378324409_nAnd then she promised to cook something American for me, so another day she made, along with Drew and Kaitlyn, guakemoli and tortillas for dinner- two of the best dishes I’ve tried so far. Later, we went bowling at IKI and laughed so much looking at each other’s lame shots and commenting on them.

Shayna is generous and funny, and kind; well, that’s an arguable point considering how much she picks on me. Sometimes I feel as if I am Lilo from “Lilo and Stich” and she is the big sister. “Get this book out of your hands”, “Stop reading you crazy Albanian”, “I think I’m allergic to you, I can smell Arilda from the kitchen”, “I don’t know if I’ll be able to put up with you for an entire semester” — and then she turns of the light when I am studying, throws her socks at me, messes with my hair, bullies me on social networks, pushes and scares me at unexpected moments: when I’m coming to my room after class or when I am cooking in the kitchen, but I get to revenge on her sometimes too.

“Americans… Can’t leave with them, can’t leave without them”- says she. Would not have said it better myself.

But when the lights are turned off, we spend the last minutes before falling to sleep on having conversations about life, future and faith and Shayna switches roles from a mean bully to a wise mentor. I especially appreciated that during the first week when homesickness is felt more.

Overall, she brings the right dose of energy and keeps the joyfulness at a steady level in a room where one of the two is going through an ‘up to the neck’ semester with reading and studying.

If you are reading this, I know you are reading this.. Please stay in Poland forever! The room is so much quieter and I got to have a study retreat this weekend.

I am kidding; get back to where you belong. The place looks empty.



Your Albanian Acquaintance in LCC

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