Anatomy of an ALLNIGHTER

Hello you beautiful people! 
At least in my university the mid-terms are approaching, therefore I will be egocentric enough to assume that the same is happening in any other facility. And you guys know what mid-t11005543_10203731216380779_1270526896_nerms mean: basically this is time when you try to convince yourself that you will get enough on a test to end up getting an A in class. And we also know that this is clear bull…crap. But as far as we believe in this hypothesis, we will do anything to do well on tests (at least try).

But don’t forget that we are slightly irresponsible college students, who will delay work until the last minute and then actually get it done under extremely stressful circumstances. One of those circumstances is the ALLNIGHTER, that scary, filthy motherlover. So as far as I’m one of the most experienced people in that field, I would like to break it down into stages. Ehem, here we go loves.

1. The denial stage.

This is when it is about 11:00 pm and you’re still not even considering to start writing a 7 page essay that is due until next morning. And of course you think it’s a piece of cake and you can do it in like an hour or so, go to sleep and then go to 8:30 am class (for which you’re actually writing a paper). Then you finally get yourself to open up your laptop or computer or I don’t know…manuscript. Then you read the assignment and this leads us to the next stage.

2. The PANIC stage.

You realize that the assignment is faaaar from a piece of cake. It’s more like one of those vitamin jellys we were forced to eat when we were kids. It is yellow, gross, smells weird and tastes even worse than expected. So now you’re panicking, because it is already 12:00 am and you know for sure that this essay will take at least 3 hours to write. AT LEAST 3. You start analising the requirements for the assignment and start thinking about the outline. But then 9gag or YouTube happens and we get to then next stage.

3. The agreement stage.10719462_10203731216180774_835525598_n

So now it is 2:00 am and you are mentally okay with the idea that you will definitely need to pull an allnighter. You get yourself some coffee and snickers or whatever you like and get ready to write your essay. At this point you already realize how much you effed up and how bad of an idea this was. And what the heck are you doing with your life anyways? ===> next stage yo!

4. The meltdown/confidence boost stage.

At this point you are half-way through your assignment or your studies and you are extremely tired. You basically start to hate everything and consider dropping out of university to become a stripper. But then you realize you don’t have a body good enough for that so you lay on the floor sobbing until your roommate wakes up and tells you to get your sh..irts together. Then you make yourself one more cup of coffee and get back to work.

5. The false promise stage. 

This is when you get done with your assignment at around 6:30 in the morning and sit there with a blank face with your brain shut off. You start making promises to yourself that you will never do this again. But we all know this is far from truth. Then you start thinking that you still have 1,5 hours till your class so you could take a nap or do something. In this case, you either end up sleeping through every other class including the one you stayed up writing a paper for, or you just stay up watching The Hunger Games and go straight to classes. I have done both, to be honest, and none of them are the best decisions I’ve made in my glorious life.

And the fact that it is 11:00 pm and I have not done anything other than writing this post determines that one allnighter might happen tonight, you never know. Hope you enjoyed reading this and found it somehow relatable.

Have a great day! (or an allnighter)




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