101 Introduction to Student Life

Here you are, a teenager freshly out of school, standing in the middle of a fairly big and modern campus, totally lost in your thoughts and having no idea what it’s going to be like. Excitement and anxiety become your best friends and make a perfect blend because the first days15134292_1844374555849313_617695100_n are so intense that your mood swings from homesickness and depression to euphoria in the blink of an eye. New names mix up in your head, in fact, you end up introducing yourself to the same person over and over since both of you are not sure which name is right. But overall, you will never forget those first days stepping into the new chapter of your life — college experience. Looking back on the last three months, I realize how fast everything is changing, from the little things to a general perception. But having summed it up, I decided to write a little guide on the introduction to the student life at LCC.

1. Diversity – LCC seems to be a tiny place but it fits so many cultures, languages and mentalities! If you think you will become proficient in English,I’m sorry to disappoint you, but instead, you will learn some Ukrainian,Russian, Georgian, Lithuanian and might even get a glimpse of Korean. Also spending time at the dorm kitchen becomes like attending culture fair because most of the students are making whatever they are used to eating at home, so don’t loose the chance to try new cuisines;)

2. Cooking – The first thing you will probably start missing the most is your mom’s food. No matter how great you are at cooking, after a few weeks of doing it, the enthusiasm will start fading away. But if you are not a fan of the long meal-preparing process, make sure to check out the cafeteria;) The hardest part starts when classes get harder and your day seems to have less than 24 hours, not leaving enough time for eating or sleeping. Try to eat normally, though. You might have heard about “Freshmen 15” (gaining 15 pounds during the first year), and trust me, this is not what you want. So, enjoy homemade food until you can and take some notes while your mom is making your favorite meal.

3. Grocery shopping – Probably, my biggest challenge was going to the store and buying what I actually need, not what I think I need. All the shops around LCC have a good choice of products, so it’s hard to resist a temptation to try something new and tasty. #sweettoothprobs What really prevents me from drifting away and buying unnecessary stuff is approximate planning of what I want to eat during a few days or a week and making a list of products.

4. Sharing your room – I know, lots of people share their bedroom with the siblings or family members, but here you are living with a completely new person. Not only you have to get to know each other’s interests and hobbies, but also adjust your behavior and habits to avoid conflicts. Some might be early birds, ready to conquer the world at 7 am, while others are still up at 3 am with the music on. It might seem okay now, but you cannot even imagine how much you will hate it by the end of the first semester. So, get to know each other’s schedules and find the common ground on some rules to live peacefully.

5. “Sunny” Klaipeda –  One of the most important things to be aware of is the weather in Klaipeda. If you live in a warm sunny place, say hi from me. Even though, we were lucky this summer to get some really nice days, the fall is not that generous with them. At least, there is not a lot of temptation to go out and neglect homework :D. I hope these points will help you get a taste of what studying at LCC is:)

-xoxo Yulia Rusyanovska

Endless Opportunities

Before coming to university, a lot of freshmen are already anticipating the classes and tough work without any chance to feel THAT smell of freedom. I cannot say about other universities, but here in LCC, I feel so overwhelmed with different options where to spend my free time. (And thanks to wise organization, you will have it 🙂
You can explore the city: go shopping or organize food-related tour, you can find numerous Instagram friendly places here in Klaipeda 🙂
LCC itself offers a lot of different activities that vary from the English club and to the basketball games!
Education here is not only in class, the main part of it waits for you outside of the classroom. Go, explore!

– Albina Golik