Hello guys.

Open Doors Day4a

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It was great. I was welcoming our guests – 12th graders from Klaipėda, other Lithuanian towns, and Liepāja, Latvia. My simple duty was to say “Good Morning”, guide to cloakroom where my pal, Maksym from Zaporizhia, Ukraine, was working; and send to first (Albanian) registration table, and after, to second (Ukrainian-Moldovan). Some time later, our prospective students attended some brainwashing lecture from our admissions man Emas. Then, they went to the classes they registered for. Even though I did not attend those lectures, it was easy to see that folks really liked their very first time at LCC.

Yet next thing was the lunch which I went to, and it was awesome. (Actually, food is awesome.) It is.

Chatting with guys was also good – I think it was the best way for them to understand what is LCC, since we are fresh and unbiased students, so we can tell all the truth about the university life.

After the event, I did not want to clean up and move the tables in the hall where we were eating, so I escaped from there and joined Ukrainian girls who were making a campus tour for the school-leavers. Again, it could not be that good without us, since only we could tell all the fun facts in informal way about each of the places. I showed how we live in our room, I shared my own impressions and fresh experiences.

Then, coffee break and little portion of brainwashing from Emas, and senior from Zaporizhia – Oleksiy. Blah blah blah, all that stuff.

Quotes for successful entrepreneurs

 In fact, my classes are great. Love Business Department professors:

It’s not a big ass, it’s an integral.

Dmytro Baklaiev, Math professor; explaining antiderivatives.

– You know, ehhh, I ran out of milk. I need some more.

– Ok, let’s go to the cow.

Arturo Soto Gonzalez, Business professor; explaining the concept of supply using the fictional entrepreneur character, močiutė.


We have a basketball team, Moose. They play so hard. They are insane, kicking off the rival with 60 points difference. Football games are also epic. Fans are going crazy.


Do not complain, work, sleep, eat. Do it.

Wish you peace and love,

Ivan from Bila Tsekrva.



Hello guys. I am Ivan from Bila Tserkva, Ukraine. I’m 17.4a

Now I am a freshman who lives in Klaipėda and this is the blog about it. Here we go.


I was done with my midterms. Fall break was almost here. Most of folks went home but I stayed here, on campus. Why? Well, for me it’s expensive to reach my home city, Bila Tserkva – about 80 EUR. And the roundtrip there lasts 1.5 days out of overall nine days of break I had. I decided to stay on campus this time and travel to home on winter break which lasts three weeks.  So, my lovely roommates cleaned up our crib (which looked quite good even before cleaning). It was a time for farewell, German guy Lukas said: “You can use a whole room”, Tadas just said “Davaj” before leaving; Jake told that he goes to Russia together with other study abroad students from United States (here at LCC we have plenty of those); finally, cool dude Jokūbas suggested me to make a party with mergos in the room. Wise words though.

The Break Itself

Finally, the room became empty. This is so exciting – I have plenty of time to relax from everything I have experienced during those insane two months. Since I’m an introvert, silence and emptiness made such a good mood for me.

Most of the time I was sleeping. I was also cooking masterpiece meals, walking, and just enjoying my life. I was listening to music on my loud headphones.



Moreover, I attended some really cool events at Neumann dorm.

On Saturday, the very first day, I once walkedthrough empty windy streets of Klaipėda. Suddenly, one Ukrainian girl Alisiia from W202 pm’d me asking: “Are you free today at 8:30?”. “Sure”, I said. She answered: “Cool, we gonna play Mafia at lobby. Do you know anybody to invite?


…and Alisiia’s sneakers!

Until 8:30 we managed to tear out to our event about 10 people. I really enjoyed awesome tea with cookies and sweets, the game was exciting as well! Our little Ukrainian community together with two girls who come from Moldova and Kyrgyzstan had really great fun, lots of laughs, and delicious coffee with cream supplied by Alisiia.

On Monday here was a movie night, I watched first ten minutes and went sleep to my room.


Yet another day I slept enough. At 16:00 there was a game night at our Community Life Director Alisha’s apartment in town but I didn’t want to go there that much.

This is how we cook

This is how we cook

At 15:45 I was cooking my next beautiful meal when my Albanian pal Elvisi came to the kitchen noticing awesome smell he felt. He told that there is a meeting regarding volunteering on Open Doors Day at 16:00 at the first floor. I thought “Yes, I should go there!” At the meeting we divided our duties, and I was expected to meet and guide our guests (prospective students from Lithuania and Latvia) next day.

I will tell more about this in my next most, so let me move on.

On Wednesday we played live Mafia and it was good but there were too many people (40!)

Next day at about 21:00 cool Latvian RA Jānis came to my room to bring cards for one more Live Mafia. He also noticed my Dynamo Kyiv fan scarf, and remembered Latvian ex-player of this team, Māris Verpakovskis. Such a pleasure.

The game with only twelve people was much better, walking with friends through empty dorm with this horrifying music expecting not to be ‘killed’ was great fun.

Friday: Halloween; horror movie night. Delicious pop-corn, great film as well – I loved it!

2014-10-31 16.33.38

Counter Strike is back as well


Ukrainian friends Yurii and Maksym decided to play last time this break. Seven people were here. The game is simple: you write a word on sticky paper and put it on the forehead of somebody, someone does the same, and everybody is trying to guess what is written on their own paper. Chilling.

Finally, my roommates are back. Love them.



Shevchenko in my room

Wish you peace and love,

Ivan from Bila Tserkva.