LCC Offers Free Ice-Skating


I was initially thinking of writing something about Talent Night or Albanian Independence, but I realized my impressions from the organizer and MC’s standpoint would not give you a clear idea as a spectator. Therefore, I will leave this to one of my other blogger friends, except Veko who was also in the position of a performer and could tell us about how she felt, but not how the program went. Ivan, Nick or Ausrine, I dare you to leave your comments about the show, preferably for my host performance! 😛

There was however this other super exciting thing that happened this last week on campus. It is what I call nature’s magic. The pond froze. (The cold finally did something of good.) Coming from a warm Mediterranean country, I had never seen such a phenomena and I was amazed as I watched from the window the shining sky-colored surface.

10628606_375679952599790_5287989854968441777_nIt happened Saturday night, but on Sunday it was still dangerous to practice our talent. It was not until Monday that with great bravery I stepped on it. Performance is yet to come. When I buy my skates, I can finally start practicing those television moves: jumps in the air, “piruets” and swift sliding, while playing “For the First Time in Forever”. Elvis, my bestie (the guy on the picture) claims that this new ability of walking on water makes him feel like Jesus. Interesting viewpoint!

Living aside the beauty, that’s what I call free ice-skating my friends. I recall when I first stepped into an ice skating area; I barely stoop up on my feet for more than 2 minutes. My father was joking: “That’s what it means to spend money to see your children getting bruised.” Now I joke with him: “Dad, I get bruised for free now.”

10689475_378342362333549_7591171655112063395_nThis recently opened park had us welcome visitors from all over the place, especially little laimingas kids who have spread around campus an early Christmas joyfulness. How wondrous to see people finding entertainment even in temperatures below 0. 🙂

The moral: Everything happens for a reason, even freezing cold.

Till next time buddies,


Your Albanian Acquaintance in LCC