Why Hello, Hello there sweethearts, once again from1a1 Ocean.

I know you havent heard from me in a while…. Honestly – i was blank on what to tell you guys next. I am not the kind of person to fill you up on anything, just to write a blog, i was waiting for something to strike me. And well, this week, it did.
I guess you are wondering what kind of weird title for this article is ? Well i just made up my own word (yes, i do that sometimes!) to perfectly discribe how i feel – AweSad. The LCC situation im gonna talk about is exactly that – Awesome and Sad combined.

This week my dear friend (Past LCC student) from Ukraine visited me. He was one of the first LCC friends i got , even when i did not go to LCC yet.

Even though he visited for 3 days only, i rembered what amazing times we had. And, well it made me SUPER sad. Why? Because in LCC it always happens like this!


Valerie Boyko, Me, Denys Andrushchenko. Denys, you are always missed here in LCC. ❤

In LCC you meet the most amazing people in your life , loving, caring, fun and comfortable. It is a different kind of friends, you just can not describe it. Here, your friends make you grow. You change with them. You grow with them. Sometimes you do silly things like wrap yourself in toilet paper and act like a mummy at 3am. Yet, every time, all of us being from different countries, you have to say goodbye, either for a christmass break, or for years to come. You never know when you will meet that person again, or maybe never again?

Honestly this is the only downside to a multicultural-international community of LCC. The people here are too amazing, and its to sad to let them go!

I guess its not the worst downside a univercity can have, huh? Haha!

Untill next time,


Dame de la Mer.

P.S with finals arriving , may the odds be even in  our favours.