Campus Fashion (AKA I got you, Nik)

I have not written10585211_694608280606703_1071731504_n a post about style/fashion for a while, but my fellow blogger Nik got me into this trouble. Along with that, it is winter already. At least the snow outside makes me feel like it. The other day my friend grabbed my phone and started scrolling Facebook, but soon he got bored because apparently “every second post was something somehow connected to fashion”. I found that amusing.  

Anyways, let’s talk about College fashion. First of all, yes, there is some fashion in College and second, no, I do not mean Yoga pants and North Face sweatshirts (Girls, please stop wearing them). But there is a way you can pimp up your “I just got our of bed” look without looking like you actually got out of bed 5 minutes ago. If you feel like wearing something comfortable, put on leggings and tennis shoes, finish up your look with a baggy sweater and a cool backpack. See? easy. large (2)

If you are anything like me and try to look nice even when going to the war, you might think that college is a fashion disaster, but it’s not. I mean yes, you can not put a 5 pound textbook in a cute clutch you got at Zara, but you can get a bagpack! (Plus, bagpacks are a trend of the season). Yes, I
got to leave all my cute bags in Tbilisi, it’s all cool. Who the heck carries clutches to class anyways?! (Well, I still got to bring my space hooker silver bag here, which is good. The name comes Jenna Marbles’s silver hair, not from my life decisions you guys).

As for the shoes, as I said, tennis shoes are your new friends and maybe army boots too. (I am guilty for purchasing a pair of army boots and wearing them since then and ever after). If you want to wear something heel-y, there are heavy armor boots, which look quite awesome, but provide support on thick heels. And no matter how cold it is, please no UGGs. I know it is super cold already, but just no.large (1)

Now I am getting to “What not to wear to lecture” part. There is a scale from looking ridiculously bad to looking ridiculously good. Try to stay somewhere middle, stay casual. I don’t want to see you looking like crap at 8:30am lecture, but I would also think you are crazy if you come in class with high heel pumps and a Birkin bag, in that sexy little black dress.

Okay now I will get back to my work. I have one hour left till my assignment is due and I am just sitting here appreciating my neighbor’s awesome garden…

P.S. This is just a joke guys. Don’t think that I’m an arrogant a..rt-hole. And one more thing: if you study in my University and see me wearing sweatpants and shirt after classes, don’t judge me, I am a human also.




Mydiary: A day in student’s life

10585211_694608280606703_1071731504_nWelcome to my life again you creepy dudes… Today I will be describing a day in my life, because I am sure you all want to know what I do daily. Well, to be real here, I think I will be doing this to help out soon-to-be-freshman people out there in the world, who are wondering what will change in their life after they graduate high school (and go to college, eventually). I randomly chose to describe Tuesday, cuz this is how I roll. So, let’s just start doing this already. 

07:15 – Rise and shine beautiful! Just kidding… I am not excited about this, not at all. If I get up now, I will manage to look way better than I would if I got up later. But the chances that the weather will improve in the next 15 minutes are pretty high. Okay, I will try to sleep for 15 more minutes and then I’m up..

07:30 – Nope, the weather improvement strategy did not work. It is still rainy and cold outside, and my bed is literally the best thing that has ever been invented in the cloudy world of rainbows and unicorns. Ugh! Why do I have to do this? What if I skip the class? Well, that would take away 5% of my grade. Okay, I am getting up! I can do this… My roommate is sleeping. Should I wake her up? I shall. (he he he).

8:00 – I take way too long to brush my teeimages (1)th. Because I do many things at the same time, such as making coffee, choosing what to wear, saving the world, etc. I still need to dry my hair tho… I never eat in the morning, so the only thing I worry about is if I put the decent amount of coffee in my thermo cup or not. Should I wear boots tho? Or my pointy-toe white brogues? It’s raining, boots it is.

8:30 – I am mostly set. The Psychology lecture just started and I am trying to survive the fist half an hour of it, because I am mostly awake the other one hour. The coffee is the pure bliss right now.

9:30 – God kill me.

10:10 – I survived Psych. I love that subject…The professor is amazing and I get to learn all that cool new information how humans do human stuff. I guess the rainy days don’t go well with 8:30 classes. Anyways, I have another class starting in 5 minutes. Yet I am hanging out with my buddies in the yard. Good thing about Klaipeda – you get so much fresh air it is amazing! And good thing about LCC – the campus is designed so that you can actually enjoy this fresh air and beautiful resting areas outside of the buildings.

11:45 – Now that I have survived Literature also, I guess I am fine for the day. Professor asked a question about male/female roles, which was followed by my “speech” about how wrong it is to object someone according to their sex… you know, being myself more likely. I am going to grab some brunch now. Cereal? Naah too late… Better have some steamed broccoli with melted cheese on top. Yummyness. (It actually tastes good, don’t think I’m gross).

15:00 – Apparentl10438139_10202900154124742_1067611731381747456_ny I have been sleeping for about hour and a half. Well, that was needed, considering the fact that I had only gotten 4 hours of sleep the night before. Just gonna make myself some coffee now and start browsing Tumblr and Instagram. Facebook is kind of getting weird lately. Because you people are getting too crazy about certain stuff. Please stop being weird.

16:45 – Anatomy lectures can actually be interesting. Mr. Norman, thank you for making them awesome. Because sometimes I start sketching on my leg…That has never happened in Anatomy class for sure. I’m out in one and a half hour and then I can do whatever. Aka study. And then study some more, because it is mid-terms week.

20:00 – I am mostly done with studies..So I will might as well workout.

21:00 – How can she talk and work out at the same time? I mean, if I am doing ab workout it is fine that I can’t talk, right? Where do you get all that energy from, woman?! Alright, I am out for shower now… And then whatever. Most likely will continue reading my assignment and then scroll Instagram till 1:00 am. Now, get out of my life, you’ve had enough.

Love you baby unicorns!


Mama Unicorn.