Why can’t GLS happen more than once a year?


Hello amazing high school seniors who are considering LCC university in the future,

This is a sneak peek of my weekly activities here in campus. I will try to be your most sincere guidance into the world you are about to enter.

This Friday and Saturday LCC hosted the Global Leadership Summit at Michaelson Center. The GLS is an annual conference where Christian leaders come together to share their success stories, most of which are based on strong religious beliefs. Their purpose is to define leadership and inspire young rising leaders across the world to stand up for what they believe and to initiate a change in this world. Even though it was a 13 hours training and the speeches were no shorter than 30 minutes, I did not get bored for a single second that I was in that room. It is one of those events that after finishing, leaves you with a sense of “This is Sparta! Let’s go change the world right now.”

10606158_368798163287969_2652387172225542082_n80 LCC people, both students and staff, had their place among hundreds of other participants, chiefly from the business world. As LCC student leaders ( including FYS mentors, Resident Assistants, Leadership Program Team and  Student Council) we even had our own round tables which gave us a different level of importance. After the speeches we heard, table discussion followed which turned out to be very efficient. We talked about how the divisions could help each other and offered constructive criticism about each of them. However, in case the discussion switched to “too serious for our taste” we started to joke around.

One of the most overwhelming moments of the conference that totally caught me by surprise was when Bill Hybels, the founder and host of GLS, said “One of the most challenging parts of my job is to work with church in difficult regions of the world such as.. tara-tata.. Albania.” My heart skipped a bit. Imagine hearing about your country in a room full of Lithuanians, hundreds of kilometers away from your home. I wanted to stand up and say “That’s my place ladies and gentlemen!” A short clip with the brief summary of Albanian history followed up and then a church pastor started orating in Albanian. It could be because of my patriotism, but that little episode definitely gave me goosebumps. #feeling special

I was personally inspired a lot by this conference. If you happen to be around next year, don’t miss the Global Leadership Summit. I would be thrilled to have you in my table.

10500247_369754279859024_8581231730954771709_nIn the rubric of “Leave you with something to ponder about”, this week I want to share with you a quote from one of the speeches “We are given two dashes in our lives, the birth and the death date. It is totally up to us to use the space between the two! I wish all of us could do something that makes our name be remembered even after the second dash is put.” Embrace your Grander Vision and be the change you wish to see in this world.



Your Albanian Acquaintance in LCC