Fnals? Fins…. Finals…. Mhm.

Hey there sweet loyal readers of my blog. This is1a1 me, once again – Ocean.

You could sense I am not happy or bubbly in this blog. Why? It’s Finals week. Yep.

So I tried to study for finals. I really did. But before that I had a lot of things to do.

tumblr_inline_mgmnt6K8X51qb6g6hJob #1: Clean my room. How can I study in a messy room? Cluttered room = cluttered mind (found this on the internet, thought it sounded cool.)

Job #2: After cleaning my room I realize I’m hungry. *prepares steak and potatoes (YES POTATOES IM LITHUANIAN OK STOP JUDGING)*

Job #3: Bought a unicorn. Named him Charlie. He’s nice. He likes to chew on my nose sometimes. Charlie is silly.

Job #4: Feel miserable. Check.finals-break-0

Job #5: Cry because you’ll fail everything in life just like that one time you went into a shop to buy yourself candy and you were 1LT short. Dammit you Iki.

Job #6:
go to sleep. Talk yourself into the fact regarded as “student axiom” that you can’t study if you are tired.

Job #7: Lie to yourself that everything will be ok.
If you will see me you are allowed to either feed me cupcakes or shoot me with a nice and sparkly sleeping potion just like they shoot sick animals in cartoons.

Love you.


Dame de la mer


Time Management

 It is not an ordinary race when I come after my time-when I run the race to catch up with time, to submit my assignments, do my homework, and still find adequate time to hit the hay. As a freshmen, time management has proven to be quite a BIG DEAL! 

Like a ship struggling through fog I fought to open my eyes one cold and dreary unnamedmorning. My alarm turned out to be a foe this day. I was frustrated so I hit him pretty hard and left him almost knocking at death’s door. I was feeling tired before I even started the day. This happened frequently for what seemed to be three weeks or so. All this fatigue originated from the four letter-word “T-I-M-E.” I have found the adage that says time is money to be veritable. If today is Thursday 23 November 2014, that is the only Thursday 23 November 2014 that has and will ever exist. There will never exist another day like this. There will never be a Thursday 23 October 2014 again in all the centuries that lie ahead. There may be a Thursday 23 October 2015, 2016, 2017…, but never 2014 again. Therefore how we spend time is important.

Sometimes I feel so tired as if I had been working so hard all day, but it is rather shocking to come to think of it that I had just three classes in that particular day. I often complain that I just have a lot of work to do and that I am ever busy. I finish all my classes at 2:15 p.m. and I have the rest of the afternoon at loose ends. But what makes me feel tired, what keeps me busy? Certainly it is not that I have so much to do or that I am working really hard each and every day, but that it is time spent in vain. I am not very organized, that is the answer I gave myself. I am honest with myself. I am somehow a busybody. I seem to be busy all the time yet I do not benefit much from my busyness because my daily achievements sometimes do not match with the pain that I feel even in my sweet dreams. This was a battle that needed me to fight so hard in order to keep on floating above the studies. If I give up then it becomes obvious that I will drown and lose track of my time and fail to catch up with my lectures and homework. I was more focused on my studies to an extent of having no time for even the social life that comes together with college life. After my first class I felt like I had been in another class before my first class. In all this I ended up depriving myself adequate sleep. In my first three weeks I thought college was not a conducive milieu for normal living. I thought my four years at LCC will be like some sort of custody. During this struggle to keep up with time, I learned that there was a class that exists just to make sure that students do not regret coming to university. Looking at all the departments at LCC I came to a realization that staff members know that feeling fatigued easily especially in the first year is a common possibility so they fashioned a class and a department to take care of just that. Yay! I am so glad that we have such a class as First Year Seminar and the Students Success Center department. First year seminar and the Students Success Center gave me some hints to the right trail that I might consider following. This included how I study, how I take notes, how and when I revise my notes, who I hang out with, and most of all, how I spend my time. During my first three weeks, I wasted a lot of time thinking that I was actually wisely spending my time. One tip from the Students Success Center that I will never forget is to know beforehand how much free time I have and how I would spend that time. In other words this means as a freshmen it is critically important that I do not do things spontaneously but rather that I have every day of the week in some sort of schedule. Goal CardThis is a really effective way of reducing time wasters and helps cultivate a culture of productivity. If any is in doubt of this this way of spending time, he or she should try this for a minimum time of a week and circumspectly note the similarities and differences in the achievements and how much tired one feels at the end of each day. “Time is money.” This is a trustworthy statement that deserves full acceptance. How we spend our time brings either fatigue or joy at the end of each day. It was not until I visited the Student’s Success Center that I was put wise on how to spend time wisely. Of course I wasn’t taught how to spend every minute, but at least I was given some advice on what is most important and what is trivial and it was all for me to arrange my daily routines. I calculated all the free hours that I have each day and noted that I had a big deal of free time.amagoalcard How I was using that free time is still not clear but for certain I know it was time being wasted because no profit sprouted from all those drifting hours. Since then, I became conscious that it matters how I use my time. It is vitally important for me to understand how I spend my time. I cannot determine what got me tired if I do not know what has been swallowing my time. In advising one who is still struggling with time management I would say: “It also helps to have a goal card that contains all your classes and daily activities. All you need is to follow-it-through.
Time flies when we are having fun, so do not put for later what you can do now. Procrastination is the thief of time. Before you even realize it will be the end of the day and you still need to sleep. Do not count each day but rather make each day count by how you spend each hour. Time is money and should therefore be spent with due regard.”

Life Hacks For LCC Students

Well hello there sweethearts of the new LCC B1a1log with me, Ocean.

Let this blog be our secret comfy one-on-one talk. So let me introduce myself. My name is Aušrine. Why Ocean? Because somehow the name „Aušrine“sounds similar to “Ocean” for those whose mother tongue is not Lithuanian. Or, because all of the pickup lines „Hey, your eyes are so blue, like the ocean“or „I could drown in those deep blue eyes“. Uf. I wish they’ll come up with something new soon…..

I started LCC with all of you guys this year at the end of August. I am a freshman, though I have been working and visiting LCC for quite some time now, so let me be your little guide.

Here are my experiences and some juicy tips on how to survive all of these weird species roaming around our Campus. Beware, my little readers. Sometimes it might get tricky.

Species #1: The Playfull Americans


& Trenton Garrison

What do they attract you with: Handsome looks,a smell of freedom, a tan right from California, Surfing abilities, McDonalds 24/7.

Why to be avoided: They playfully tease you on how tiny you are. Doesn’t matter how tall you are, because they are at least 10M high. And they always have snacks on them that they act like they’ll share. Guess what. THEY WON’T. (Just kidding….. or am I? 😀 )

Why you should be friends with them: Easy entries to clubs. Free McDonalds. Amazing to use against your roommate – while she is drooling over a charmer, you can browse through her stuff and take whatever you needed.
Getting things from the top shelf is not a problem anymore.
All of your essays will be fixed.

Species #2: Always Hungry Ukrainians


Anastasia Malyk

What do they attract you with: Constant food and tea, adorableness, sick-treatments and acting like they know your language.

Why to be avoided: Small but vicious creatures. If made angry – will chase you down the ends of the earth.

Why you should be friends with them: If treated properly they are the most adorable creatures. Will always feed you borsch or Salo. Hugs and cuddles guaranteed.

Species #3: Passionate Albanian-Greek’s

& Elvis Matthers

& Elvis Matthers

What do they attract you with: Strong perfume, Confident strut, Raki, Hugs.

Why to be avoided: Extremely friendly. If having a bad day do not go near them or you will be hugged for an eternity. Also, if you need their assistance in the morning, will not correspond with you until they drink their coffee in a period of 1 hour.

Why you should be friends with them: Will always make you dance with them. Day or night. They’ll barge in; make you smile and dance with them with the weirdes music ever. Like Lady Gaga. No kidding.

So here you are, Sweethearts. A few tips on surviving in the jungle of LCC campus. Beware. Or, on the contrary, find yourself somebody valuable for a scheme or a cold winters evening.


Dame  de la  mer

Miss Ocean {French})

Latvian Adventures

I have. Well, I was going to write a post about my Latvian adventures anyways, but as I was sitting at a fancy restaurant in the old part of Riga called “Black Cat Home”, eating my almond biscuit, I decided I would as well write something.Have you ever had a dessert so good you decided to blog about it?

Fall break is an amazing thing. Because us, exhausted students truly need some time to chill after mid-terms and complicated writing assignments. Therefore, I started planning my trip to Riga as soon as possible. It is always good to know what you will be doing in advance. I started searching for transportation to Riga and found Ollex tours, which take you from Klaipeda’s bus station to different locations in Riga (it could be airport, bus station on port). The busses are super comfortable and reasonably priced. Round trip cost me about 28 euros. I made my booking in advance, which made my ticket price go even lower. So, transportation – check!photo3-1

My friends and I were planning on staying in Riga for 3 night, therefore I needed to find a good place to stay. Onlinebooking.com is an amazing website for that. I booked a hotel there and paid 67 euros for 3 person bedroom, 3 nights. (You do the math, it is not expensive at all). The place was fine for staying there at night. But it was located right in the center of Riga, really close to the Old Town, which was extremely convenient, as we did not want to take a bus and just walk around the city.

We left Klaipeda at 6 o’clock in the morning on October 25th and arrived in Riga at 10:30 am. We pretty much had a whole day to explore. So we went to the Old Town and started loving it right away! How can every single building be so beautiful? Then we went to the downtown and decided to take a look at Riga skyline from the top of Radisson Hotel. Yes, you can do that and no, there is no fee for that (perfect for students, right?!). Apparently there is a bar on the 26th floor, which looks over the whole town, but you don’t need to go there. They have a big window for skyline viewing purposes in the hallway. And don’t forget to check out the cool elevator, which is made of glass and feels like you’re falling on the ground when taking it from 26th floor to the bottom.photo1-2

There are many cool things to see in Riga, but I have my own favorites, so I will definitely write about them. If you come here, go to the Saint Peter’s Cathedral! The architecture, the beauty and perfectness of that place is breathtaking! And remember that I come from the country of churches and cathedrals and I can not easily be impressed by those kind of places.

Another favorite was the pub “Ribs & Rock” . If you have ever been to any “Hard Rock Cafes” and liked it, you will definitely enjoy the atmosphere there. We just had a dinner there, listened to some live music and went out to see Riga at night. Do that also, it is beautiful out there.

I also remembered this craft shop in the Old Town near the arc. It was just a random shop with an extremely weird atmosphere and even more wicked hand-made toys and music boxes. Emily and Nino bought couple of those and they play gorgeous melodies. I have provided a photo of one of them so you can see how beautiful and cute they are.

I just simply loved the whole city and the old town in particular.The long, narrow streets and old buildings make you feel like a real European. Small,  cozy cafes are to die for! After mostly eating at McDonald’s and Cilli Pizza, we decided to have a nice lunch at a good restaurant. And we ended up here, ordered almond biscuits and some tea and decided to chill here for a while.

As I have said before, I love travelling, but there is nothing better than going back home. And of course by that I mean Klaipeda. We are leaving tonight and I can not be more excited. I will leave you now, continue chatting with my friends.

Bye bye ma dears,