First Impression Experience

Talking about LCC experience I can say that even from the first semester I feel myself inspired by all things that happened to me. Have patience I’m going to talk you about beautiful things that might happen with you if one day I’ll choose LCC University to study or maybe it has already happened with you so you are lucky person.

During the road to Lit12204682_795683310542314_695519146_nhuania I felt that I come to the new step to my life. I knew that university life is that thing that is complicated to get used to, but I was prepared for this cause I know that when it is hard for you, only than you are accepted to get knowledge and understand all aspects of life, only by getting out of your comfort zone.
Arriving to the LCC I was really impressed by beautiful nature: by sea, forest with adorable pine trees, cycle paths in the forest and people that are always involved in sport: cycling, roller skating and running. When school life started, I was plunged in studying and books. I felt that studying in the university gives me not only knowledge but also great experience of the daily life. I met a lot of new friends that later were my support. As I was far away from home I felt remoteness from my parents, but I tried my best to adapt to independent living. For me, as for every other person is important to find right friends, that fit to your soul and that will give you support not worse that your parents give you whenever you need it. The more you devote your life to friends the more they thank when your difficult moments come. During the first semester I got used to cooking along and to living with four person in the common room. It is hard, but these things make you part of the community: when you ask for help or propose your help to somebody, when first you arguing and then you recognize you love to your roommates. And this life become your second home, where you want to return every time. Also I realized that I shouldn’t forget about studying as it is more interesting to get know more and more and discuss it with your friends in comparison to stay on the same stage and go with the flow as the dead fish. So as the university studying is not anymore as easy as high school study, it is difficult to keep place with important events. I understood that to do important things in time it is important manage it. This knowledge prompted my friends that have already gone thought it. So one more lesson that I carried out during the first semester studying is that you should never hesitate to ask people question or advice.  Also there is always time for things in your life that you have decided to be important, as today is the best time to do our best so in the future our knowledge will work for us. Today is the best day to develop ourselves as we are young, we have a lot of energy and time in comparison with that we will have in future lives. So our future depends only on us and our treatment to all things that happen. But it go without saying that LCC University gives us a lot knowledge, experience, and the way we may perceive information that is given for us, so that in future we can treat all things that happen in the right way.


Weekly Agenda


Since no big events happened this week on campus, I will share with you a normal week of my life at LCC, which would have been the way to start; however, the launch of the blog caught me at a very busy time of the year.

I used to wake up at 8:30 for the usual Monday, Wednesday, Friday class of 9:45. Now, 9:00 works just fine. Brush teeth, wash face, take the first thing from the wardrobe and ready to go. I have Rhetoric and Communication with Sanna Karosas, which is a fairly easy morning class. Some could see it as a good time to make up for their missed sleeping hours, but forget about that as long as Sanna will still be teaching this course. Her acting skills, priceless face-expressions, good jokes and energy are the perfect way to start the day.

10416574_369362549898197_8503481502107311766_nLater, internship hours start. I stop by the reception, take key number 20 and run to my office. I am currently working for the President’s Cabinet as the recipient of a scholarship that covers full tuition. I am assigned different jobs that the department is responsible for, but I may tell you about what I exactly do in another entry.

I have a quick meal at the cafeteria and then I run for Lithuanian class, which is another favorite of mine. Radvyda (the instructor) delivers such a positive energy through her lecturing and exercises. For some reason, we are always laughing in this class. She is an adorable person whom a lot of students love, even though she gives weekly “testukas”.

During these days, I am finished with classes around 3:00. That’s when most of the dynamism starts; this week especially was crazy. As member of the Student Council, I have to take care of the organizing of Talent Night – happening next Friday – and as part of the Albanian community, I will celebrate Albanian Independence day – next Wednesday.

10393727_372357556265363_8253688864872748858_nIf we usually have StuCo meetings only on Tuesday and Thursday, this week we met every single day. Auditions for the male host and for the participants, preparations for the decorations and the stage, search for sponsors and script writing committed my afternoons to StuCo office. On Friday, we had a video shooting, which was a 4-hour job but turned out to be quite entertaining. However, I cannot share any more information until Talent Night is over. Stay tuned for the next week’s blog.

And then, the thing that I love getting tired about: Albanian Independence day preparations. I am extremely enthusiastic about having this opportunity to present my country to LCC. We have some very interesting traditions and historical facts that people need to know. Please join us on the 26 of November for more details.

1544406_372357489598703_4232745429973525471_nTuesday and Thursday are the days that tolerate my sleeping until 10. My classes beggin at 1:00, but I have to finish internship hours and stuco office hours first. Quantitative Reasoning and Literature are next on the agenda. They present their own challenge, but still… can you imagine what am I going to say? I love them too! Dymitri, the math teacher, likes to connect a lot with his students. He has learned some Albanian words and never misses a chance to bring them up. And well, literature is literature. Did you know that reading reduces stress better than listening to music and eating? And that’s exactly how I like to end my day; with a cup of tea, my personal light on, and a good book.

It feels so home-like here! At least, till the alarm decides I have already consumed my sleep hours.

A big week awaits for me. See ya next time fellas,



Your Albanian Acquaintance in LCC